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Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Coat Your Garage Floors

It’s a big misconception that winter is the worst time to do work on your garage, especially floors. However, the beauty of the Sunshine state is that Florida winters offer the perfect opportunity to transform your garage without worrying about heat and humidity. This is especially true for garage floor coating. Here are just a few of the reasons why you don’t need to wait until summer to coat your garage floors: 

“New year, new floor” mentality

With the new year, chances are high that you’re already looking for new projects. However, it’s easy for the energy to start to wane if you don’t see results as quickly as you’d like. By starting with transforming your garage floors, you create a foundation for the rest of your garage. 

Same quality regardless of when you get it done

Thankfully, Central Florida rarely drops below 40 degrees — even in the winter months. Your garage floor project isn’t likely to be delayed due to cold temperatures. Our knowledgeable Garage Design Works team can let you know if there are any weather conditions that would affect your next flooring project. 

Protect your floors before wetter weather comes through

Spring and summer in Florida brings in seasonal afternoon showers almost every day. By taking care of garage floor coatings in the winter, you ensure drier conditions and lower humidity for your flooring. You’re also able to better protect your garage floors from concrete erosion due to water brought in from your cars.

Enjoy a better looking garage floor sooner

Why put off a project when you can have professional-grade garage flooring now? By purchasing an ArmorSeal Floor system, you get the leading floor coating applied by the experienced Garage Design Works team. 

We offer a variety of garage floor options — all professionally treated and covered with a warranty. Looking for more inspiration to transform your garage space? Visit the Garage Design Works blog

Questions to Ask When Organizing and Cleaning Out Your Garage

Winter is the perfect time to rethink everything in your garage space. You’re at home more and, thanks to the holiday season and decorating, probably in your garage more than normal. We’re not saying go full Marie Kondo and get rid of your favorite stored items, but these questions can help you during the (sometimes dreaded) organization process. 

How do I want to use this garage space?

Garages can be more than places to park your cars and store miscellaneous items. Ask yourself what space you’d like to have that your house currently doesn’t have room for. Your garage can double as a fitness studio to an office space. It can be a workshed, an art studio, or any combination of things. Knowing how you want to use the space will help determine how to build for that space. 

Do I use everything in my garage at least once a year? 

Before you start the “great garage purge,” take an inventory of what you have. A good rule of thumb is asking yourself how frequently you use what’s in your garage. Because garages store miscellaneous — but useful — items, ask yourself if you’ve used an item at least once each year. A kayak, for example, might’ve seemed like a great investment four years ago, but if you haven’t been kayaking, it might be taking up valuable space in your garage.

Would I use these items more if I stored them properly? 

Sometimes “out of sight” truly puts an object out of mind. While you sort through your garage, you’ll probably come across an item or two that makes you say “wow I wish I used this more” or “I forgot I had this!” When it comes time to reorganize your space, find a way to make these items more visible. Slatwall storage, for example, can be a great way to keep athletic equipment at the ready. 

Are there storage options I haven’t considered yet? 

Organizing your garage properly can require more than standard storage cabinets. Overhead storage and wall hooks elevate space-consuming equipment like bikes or tools. If you have a lot of smaller items, consider a mesh caddy for easier access. 

You don’t have to empty your garage for it to be “organized.” All you need are smart storage solutions that transform your space into whatever you need it to be. A well-designed and well-organized garage gives you the peace of mind that your favorite equipment will be ready to go whenever you are. To learn more about garage organization techniques, check out the Garage Design Works blog.

Perks of Investing in High-Quality Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets are essential to keeping your garage space organized, functional, and (most importantly) enjoyable. But not just any cabinets will do the trick. While it might be tempting to save money and opt for cheaper cabinets, investing in high-quality garage cabinets will benefit you and your garage space in the long run. Here are just a few benefits to investing in good cabinetry: 


Whether you realize it or not, your garage is one of the most trafficked parts of your house. There’s even more foot traffic if your garage serves multiple purposes. By investing in quality garage cabinets, you’re getting durable solutions to go through the wear and tear in a garage space for years to come. 

Design cohesion

Did you know your garage can be just as sleek as the interior of your home? By prioritizing quality garage cabinets, storage solutions become a seamless part of your overall garage design. We offer Gladiator Premier Series cabinets, giving you the flexibility to pick garage cabinet styles that work best for any garage aesthetic.

Multipurpose or multi-use

Your garage constantly changes. How you designed your space five years ago might not work anymore for what your family needs now. Most quality garage cabinets give you the flexibility to readjust your shelving to meet new storage needs. By using adjustable shelving, you’re less likely to purchase new fixed shelf units to meet changing needs. 

Cabinets are just one part of a garage you’ll love to spend time in. For quality garage storage, flooring and more in Orlando, contact us today for a free virtual consultation. To discover more ideas for your garage space, check out the Garage Design Works blog.

New Year, New Garage Design

With a new year comes new motivation to revisit how you use spaces around your home. One of the most popular spots to redesign? Your garage! Garages offer you the opportunity to create multipurpose space for you and your family, but after years of clutter, the garage doesn’t always live up to that dream. If your resolution involves reimagining your garage space, here are some pro tips to get started: 

Clear out the clutter. 

“Out with the old, in with the new” — or at least, in with new organization! The new year inspires many to reevaluate what they own and whether those items contribute to their overall happiness. And, more often than not, garages become the catchall for junk or forgotten items. Dedicate some time during the new year to reevaluate what can stay, what can be re-organized, and what needs to go in your garage.

Use quality storage solutions. 

While you’re organizing your garage, consider investing in long-lasting, durable storage solutions. New garage cabinets or wall hangs can make your space feel more cohesive while giving you reliable storage for your most valuable items.

Invest in a “showroom” floor. 

Garage floors can play a big part in inspiring people to spend more time in their garage. With our ArmorSeal epoxy garage flooring, we can give you showroom-ready floors that protect your space while adding value to your home. Epoxy floors are easy to clean, giving your garage years of low maintenance service. 

Show your garage walls some love. 

If one of your resolutions involves spending more time in your garage, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Light colored walls brighten up spaces, and they can be especially useful in lower-light locations like a garage where windows are limited or nonexistent.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your storage space or overhaul your entire garage, Garage Design Works can help you tackle any project. We’re Orlando’s trusted provider of quality garage storage solutions and epoxy flooring. Contact us today to schedule a virtual consultation. To read more about what we do, check out our blog. 

Why You Should Coat Your Garage Floor

Garage floor coating might seem like an unneeded luxury for the average family, but the benefits are numerous and go beyond having a shiny garage floor.

Those sleek garage floors aren’t just for car enthusiasts or luxury showrooms. Coated garage floors can save you time, earn back money, and keep your family safer in the long run. Here are just a few of the benefits to coating your garage floor:

Helps keep a garage and its cars clean.

Concrete constantly breaks down, especially if you’re always on the go. Dust particles from the concrete will land on your car — and everything else you store in your garage. High-quality coated floors trap the dust under a protective layer, keeping your car cleaner for longer.

Reduces dust and dirt transfer into your home.

Most families pull into the garage, hop out of their cars, and go straight into the house. This means they’re tracking that concrete dust from the garage onto your clean floors. Coated garage floors keep your family from dragging in dust particles or any residue that could get stuck on concrete.

Safer for your family. 

Dust particulates are more than a cleaning annoyance. Breathing in concrete dust can actually pose a health risk for your family if you spend extended time on your garage’s unfinished floor. Our epoxy garage floors are also slip resistant and can be tailored to your family’s needs.

Makes the garage more appealing to use for other purposes.

Ever dreamed of using the garage for more than parking your cars? Want to transform it into a space to entertain, create a home gym, or develop as a multi-purpose space? Coating your floor is the first step! A glossy floor will make your garage space safer and more appealing to use. 

Adds resale value to your home.

If you ever decide to sell, coated garage floors show potential buyers that you valued every room in your home. Paying attention to your garage floor goes above and beyond what other homeowners are willing to do, and a finished floor will certainly stick out in the minds of potential buyers.

Epoxy coated floors elevate any space, and at Garage Design Works, we specialize in transforming your garage, basement or lanai into the space of your dreams. Our durable ArmorSeal Floor System offers a 4X stronger coating than standard solutions. Contact us for a free virtual consultation. 

Transforming Your Garage into a Home Gym

COVID forced gym rats to stay home, and many looked to build out impressive home gyms while their favorite gyms remained closed. The prime location for many became their garage spaces, even if it’s just a corner of their space. Here’s how to transform your garage in to a home gym: 

Find the space that’s right for you. 

First step to building your dream garage gym is to determine just how much space you’ll need. Lay out exactly how much space your equipment takes up, and don’t forget to include the space taken up by storage units. A small weight rack will take up less space than a full-sized Bowflex. (And if you’re a yogi, check out our blog on transforming your garage into a yoga studio for yoga-specific tips!) 

Protect your floor from equipment damage.

Staples of any personal gym are weight racks and bench sets. While it’s normal to drop weights on the padded floors of your local gym, dropping weights on unfinished concrete floors can damage both your garage floor and your pricey weights. Clients love our epoxy floor coatings; they’re easy to clean and resistant to stress. 

Appropriate storage for your favorite tools. 

From exercise bands to kettlebells, staying in shape in 2020 uses more tools than a standard dumbbell. Proper storage solutions will help keep smaller equipment out of the way when you’re not working out. Consider slatwall storage for smaller items that you constantly reach for or larger cabinets for specialty items that you use less frequently.

Invest in your own home gym, and keep those fitness goals alive. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation, and let us help you put your plans in motion. To discover more ideas for how to transform your garage space, check out the Garage Design Works blog.

How to Store Your Sports Equipment for Your Next Adventure

Active families know the struggle of keeping a tidy area for sports equipment. From leaning bikes, space-consuming canoes, and strewn tennis rackets, it can be easy to lose track of where and how to properly store your favorite sports equipment — especially in your garage. Here are tips on how to store your favorite sports tools so they’re easy to get to for your next adventure:

Get it off the ground with slatwall storage

Athletes can spend a pricey penny on athletic equipment, which is why you should look to get it off the ground and reduce the chance for damage. A great way to store items like tennis rackets or baseball bats, slatwall storage gives athletes the ability to showcase what equipment they use most, having them at the ready.

Overhead racks help with larger equipment

For those who love kayaking or skiing, wall storage might be improbable in your garage. Overhead storage helps keep your more expensive sporting equipment off the ground and out of the way, making room for your cars or other garage storage needs. Using something like the  Gladiator GearLoft adds a durable solution to larger sports equipment.

Try hanging storage for bikes

Leaving bikes leaning on kickstands isn’t the ideal way to store them. Plus there’s the added risk of one falling over and denting a nearby car or another piece of equipment. Play it safe and use wall storage with hooks. This reduces the floorspace your bikes take up and can keep your bikes safer in the long run. We offer both horizontal and vertical bike hooks to work best in whatever design your garage needs.

Use a ball caddy

Tired of tripping over a stray tennis ball or soccer ball? Try using a mesh ball caddy! These storage bins keep balls off your garage floors while also making it easy to get a ball out whenever you need one.

For any athlete or sports enthusiast, keeping your equipment safe means keeping your investment in your favorite sport safe. A well-designed and well-organized garage gives you the peace of mind that your favorite equipment will be ready to go whenever you are. To learn more about garage organization techniques, check out the Garage Design Works blog.

Getting a “Clean” Design for Your Garage

Garages are typically thought of as dark, cluttered spaces. However, with the right garage organization and design tips, it can feel just as light and open as the rest of your home. 

Here are design tips to help your garage to feel ‘brighter’ and more open — no window required:

Look for light-colored storage units

The color white opens up spaces. In home design, white cabinetry is a go-to for any space to instantly look larger. Why? Because white reflects light around and helps a space seem bigger, something incredibly important in an often-dark garage. With the white cabinetry from Gladiator, you can open your garage of any size while having an easy-to-clean storage space

Think tall with your storage

Tall garage storage units elongate the space in your garage, making it appear larger. Taller storage also gives you the freedom to use space that wouldn’t typically be found in standard sized cabinetry. 

Overhead storage also takes bulky, sometimes unsightly pieces of equipment or boxes and makes them harder to see at first glance, giving a garage a more airy look.

Use wall storage to get items off the ground

One of the biggest ways to have a space look cluttered (no matter how big a space is) is by storing items on the ground. By using slatwall storage and hooks, you can hang everyday items in easily accessible places. This also gives you the chance to show off your favorite tools or passions. 

We’re experts in garage organization in Orlando. Our team takes any garage space to the next level. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation, and learn more about how we can transform your garage into a space that’s organized and perfect for your needs. Give us the details and your dream ideas; we’ll take it from there.

Make the Most of Storing Your Holiday Decorations

Decorating for the holidays can be a fantastic way to bond with your family. From festive lighting to garland to the oh-so-important antique tree ornaments, hauling out the holly can help create some of the most memorable moments each year. But for many, bringing out Christmas decorations means disorganized bins, tangled light strands and forgetting where you hid the Christmas tree in the garage. These tips will keep your holiday decorating merry and bright: 

Overhead Bins for Seasonal Decorations

A general rule of thumb for effective organizing is that you put the most frequently used items in easy-to-access storage. This means that (unless you’re constantly in the mood for Christmas) your seasonal items should be somewhere accessible but not prominent. We recommend overhead storage like Gladiator GearLofts. These stylish heavy duty racks keep your items safe and out of the way until next season. 

Hang Up Larger Wreaths

If you’re someone who utilizes wreaths for Christmas (or other seasons during the year), consider investing in hook systems to keep your wreaths off the floor and away from pests. Hooks can easily be interchanged to meet the needs of your decorating traditions.

Wrap Your Lights Before Storing Them

Tangled messes of lights can take hours to completely unfurl. Make it easy on yourself by wrapping your light strands around cardboard before standing them upright in a sealed storage bin. 

Shrink Wrap Your Christmas Tree

Fans of live trees can skip this tip, but if you’re someone who uses an artificial tree, this tip will help it stay clean and protected in spring, summer and fall. There’s nothing worse than finding a spider or two in your branches while decorating an artificial tree. A layer or two of shrink wrap keeps the pests out and reduces the space your tree takes up in storage. When you’re ready to bring it out next season, slice the wrap with scissors, and start decorating!

No matter the time of year, your garage can have the storage capabilities you need to keep organized. We’re the experts in garage organization in Orlando. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation, and learn more about how we can transform your garage into a space that’s perfect for your needs. Give us the details and your dream ideas; we’ll take it from there.

How Organizing Your Garage Makes You Healthier

Ever feel a sense of relief and mental clarity after organizing a space that desperately needed it? That success goes deeper than checking off a box on your to-do list. Research shows there are significant health benefits — both physical and mental — to maintaining organized and clean spaces. 

Despite the fact that most Americans spend hours each week in their garages, many of us aren’t satisfied with how that space is organized. It’s easy to maintain clean surfaces within the home where you spend most of your day, but these benefits extend well beyond your kitchen, bathroom or closet area and into your garage. Here are a few key reasons why keeping your garage clean boosts your health: 

  1. The process of organizing boosts your energy. 

Organizing a space for as little as just 10 minutes can help you work more efficiently and provide a boost of energy, according to WebMD. How? By focusing on clearing your space physically, you make space mentally for more tasks — freeing yourself from that nagging sensation of still needing to clean.

  1. Taking care of your garage floor reduces exposure to concrete particulates. 

Yes, even clean floors can contribute positively to your health. By ensuring that your garage floors are properly sealed, you drastically reduce your family’s exposure to concrete particulates created over time. Seals like the ArmorSeal Floor System make your garage look nicer, make floors easy to clean, and keep you safer. 

  1. Having an organized space can improve your heart health.

Studies show that people with cluttered homes or spaces filled with unfinished projects are often more fatigued and have higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) than those who say their spaces are organized. Why? Because an organized garage — combined with an organized house — keeps the mind at ease, lowering stress levels. Reduced stress in daily life means less daily strain on the heart, leading to improved heart health.

  1. Organizing can reduce risk of a cardiovascular event. 

Investing in organizing your garage can even help lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. This could be in part to the helpful physical activity of organizing and also thanks to lower stress levels from keeping your garage neat and tidy.

At Garage Design Works, we believe keeping an organized garage goes far beyond health benefits. We’re experts in garage organization in Orlando. Our team takes any garage space to the next level. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation, and learn more about how we can transform your garage into a space that’s organized and perfect for your needs. Give us the details and your dream ideas; we’ll take it from there.