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The Tools Needed to Tune Up Your Garage

1 Car aficionados understand the importance of the correct tool. Like automobiles, garages perform much better when using the perfect wall systems and hooks, cabinets, and ceiling mounts to maintain order and keep everything tidy. Garage Design Works has an abundance of Orlando garage ideas that will maintain the level of cleanliness and organization you deserve.

  • Gladiator Hanging Wall System: Imagine a series of specialized hooks on your wall that accommodate a clear storage bin or a bicycle, a tennis bag, or water skis. Imagine designing the hook configuration to the sports you and your family participate in. Now, think into the future: after football season, it will no longer be necessary to store bulky shoulder pads and cleats where they are easily accessible. Wouldn’t it be handy to move that hook configuration around so all football gear was now stored out of the way? This is easily accomplished with a Gladiator wall system. The slatted wall boards have dozens of hooks in shapes and sizes specific to your gear. When football season ends, simply slide the hooks out of their slots and place them in a less conspicuous area.
  • Gladiator Premier Series cabinets: These are durable as well as beautiful. With several sizes, these cabinets can be as tall as lockers or low enough for the top surface to act as a work table. Gladiator’s series of cabinets come in wall-mounted varieties for permanent cabinets or rolling floor storage cabinets. Design the perfect work station with the modular Geardrawer or tabletop Gearchest. Storing tools and supplies never looked so good!
  • Overhead Storage: If you canoe or kayak during the summer, storing the bulky supplies during the off-season is troublesome. The boats, paddles, life vests, and other gear take up a huge amount of garage space. Consider the ONRAX Enduro-DeckTM system to solve those problems. With a huge weight load – it is capable of handling up to 800 pounds on specific models – these items can be safely stored out of the way while still keeping them out of the weather.

Garage Design Works offers a free in-home consultation to help you create the garage of your dreams. Give us a call at 407-447-8890, and speak with one of their knowledgeable representatives today. Our website offers an abundance of Orlando garage ideas for your consideration, along with blogs, to answer many of your questions.

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