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What Makes Garage Design Works Different

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For nearly 20 years, Garage Design Works has transformed garage spaces for clients across the Central Florida area. But what exactly makes our company different? Why do our clients keep coming back and referring us to their friends and family? Here are a few values we have that we believe help us stand out from others:

We create smart designs to maximize budgets.

Everyone, regardless of their income or house square footage, deserves a garage space they can enjoy. Nick St George founded Garage Design Works in 2003 in large part so he could give clients a solution within their budgets. For those interested in seeing what we can do, we offer virtual consultations and provide accurate estimates of what we can do within a budget. 

Hands-on projects mean we treat each one like it was our own. 

When Garage Design Works added Dan Cloutier to the company, we gained another expert renovator. Dan’s biggest focus is customer satisfaction, and he and Nick take a hands-on approach to each project. We don’t cut corners on customers because we wouldn’t cut corners cut on our own projects. 

We believe in doing more than expected for our customers.

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to construction. We believe in educating customers of industry trends, keeping them informed on the progress of their renovation, and making ourselves available to answer whatever questions they might have. Going above and beyond what’s expected makes the process positive for everyone involved. 

Safety and quality are our biggest priorities. 

When you call us for a project, you’re investing in a garage that will keep your family happy for years to come. That longevity only happens when two things are prioritized: safety and quality of the equipment/services. Our epoxy flooring, for example, is made to last for over a decade. Likewise, our cabinetry and storage solutions should be durable enough for your family’s changing needs. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to bringing garage designs to life. But we believe that Garage Design Works offers an experience that very few other companies provide in Central Florida and Orlando. Schedule a free virtual consultation with our team, and see what over 50 years of industry experience can do for your garage. 

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