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At Garage Design Works, leaders in Orlando garage cabinets, we let you reclaim your space by providing professional garage design layouts that will be functional and efficient. By using top of the line Gladiator products, our cabinets and organizational products will help you streamline your garage.

Get Organized with Garage Cabinets Orlando

Keep your garage organized and eliminate clutter by adding garage cabinets to your Orlando, FL home.

If you don’t have designated space for your items, chaos ensues. Not only does each item need a clearly defined home where it can be stored safely and securely, but it also needs to go into its home as promptly after use as possible. That is where garage cabinets and other storage systems come into the picture and where Garage Design Works can be immensely helpful to you. Our garage cabinets offer an out-of-the-way place to store many items commonly kept in a garage. Using garage cabinets for storage and organization means you can keep your garage looking tidy and organized no matter what types of items you store in your garage.


Large GearBox

Extra Large GearBox

Jumbo GearBox

Premier Tall GearBox

Mobile Storage Cabinet

All-Season GearCloset


Storage Shoe Bench

Premier Modular GearDrawer

3/4-Door Modular GearBox

Premier Modular GearBox

Full-Door Modular GearBox

28″ Hardwood Top


Full-Door Wall GearBox

Premier 30″ Wall GearBox

3/4 Door Wall GearBox

Foldaway Work Station

Premier 24″ Wall GearBox

Jumbo GearBox

Benefits of Garage Cabinets for Your Home

  • Easier access to important items. Never lose track of your equipment with garage cabinets. By properly organizing your garage, your tools will be readily available for any projects. 
  • Better organization. Garage cabinets provide the perfect opportunity to appropriately label and inventory the items stored in each cabinet.
  • Create more space.  An uncluttered garage is a much more enjoyable location to conduct school science experiments, repair bicycle tires, and build memories.

Coming late 2023

Garage Cabinets Fusion Plus promo

Fusion Pro Cabinets

Fusion PRO Cabinets – 5 Piece HANDY Set

Fusion PRO Cabinets – 5 Piece HANDY Set

Fusion PRO Cabinets – 5 Piece TOOL Set

Fusion PRO Cabinets – 6 Piece CUBE Set

Premier 24″ Wall GearBox

Jumbo GearBox

Why Garage Design Works for Your Garage Cabinets?

Since 2004, Garage Design Works has operated under the philosophy that organized homes are happy homes. We offer homeowners from all walks of life the opportunity to bring that positive energy into one of the most often neglected areas of the home (organizationally speaking) – the garage. Our Orlando garage cabinets and systems are not only durable and built to last, but they are also attractive and built to evolve as your garage storage and organization needs change.

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