Garage Organization

Your garage space is too valuable to go to waste. Poor organization in your garage can cause items to become damaged, lost and broken. That’s why hundreds of homeowners in the Orlando area have already turned to the professionals at Garage Design Works for garage organization services.

When you work with the professionals to ensure that your garage is properly organized, you get the most out of your garage space. As a locally owned and operated independent company in Orlando, Garage Design Works makes organization easy.

Best of all, many of our organization systems become a permanent part of your garage. They can add value to your home and improve your quality of life. After all, an organized garage is a safe place to store vehicles and a good space to engage in hobbies.

You’re in good hands when you’re working with the experts in garage organization. Our professionals can help you design the perfect garage for your needs, with increased storage capacity and more effective work space. Below are some of our solutions for homeowners in Orlando and beyond.

Cabinets from Garage Design Works come in a range of styles to meet your specific needs and set up:

  • Full size cabinets. Gear boxes can hold everything from fertilizers to tools, seasonal items, decorations and more. With a heavy-duty door and solid construction, full size cabinets keep your garage organized and tidy.
  • Gear drawers. Gear drawers come with wheels to make them fully transportable from one side of the garage to the other. Drawers hold your smaller items like tools, nuts, bolts and more.
  • Storage shoe bench. Put large, heavy items in your storage shoe bench – then use the top of the bench as a seat or a work surface.
  • Wall gear box. The wall gear box is designed to hold small items that need their own space. Hang this sturdy cabinet at eye level to make it easy to access.
Garage Cabinets 1

And much more! Garage Design Works sells many cabinets for your needs. We’ll help you select the cabinets that fit your needs and keep your clutter off the ground. Check them out!

garage wall system

Your garage is likely full of items that don’t fit easily into any cabinet. From shovels to rakes, brooms and irregularly shaped tools, these items can’t be easily contained. For these items, Garage Design Works installs wall systems to keep your irregularly shaped items off the floor and out of harm’s way. See our wall systems page here for more information.

Of all the types of garage storage that you could have in your home, overhead storage may be the most valuable. The ceiling is an under-utilized space that could provide tens or hundreds of square feet of storage space. Using your garage ceiling space to hold large, bulky items like empty suitcases, outdoor toys, lawn tools and more, you can finally make room in your garage for a vehicle.

Have your overhead storage installed by one of the professionals at Garage Design Works, to ensure that your lofted shelf will be properly secured and safe to hold hundreds of pounds. Installing overhead storage can be tricky for a variety of reasons. It’s important to avoid a conflict with your garage door and opener, for example. Having an expert install your overhead storage can make installation easy, safe and effective.

Overhead storage 4
Garage Shelving 3

Shelving is another important part of your garage organization system. Install shelving to hold items that need to stay up off the ground, either for easy access or for safety. Shelving like floating shelves make it easy to reach what you need. Have your shelving installed by an expert to ensure it’s rated to hold what you need.

Workbenches hold your tools, provide easy access to small items, and provide valuable work space where you can fix, repair, create and design. Work on your hobbies on our garage workbenches or provide space for holding all those household items that need gluing, fixing, and more.

Workbenches can be installed permanently or can be left unattached to your garage wall, to be easily relocated to another area if you so choose. The size and configuration of your workbench should depend entirely upon your needs, so talk to the professionals at Garage Design Works to find out what options fit your budget.

Workbenches 2

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Garage Design Works makes garage organization easy and fast. We can help you get started with your project. Our organization and storage solutions can be customized for your needs, and designed to fit your budget. Contact us to make an appointment for a consultation.