Transform your garage into a comfortable space to get work done. With a garage workbench, you could create a functional space to do crafting, home improvement work and even carpentry.


Many garages never rise to their potential because they don’t have the proper work surfaces or storage space to make the garage functional. With a Gladiator workbench, you can turn your garage into the perfect spot to store tools, spend time concentrating and get work done.

Why Do You Need a Garage Workbench?

Workbenches Orlando turn your garage space into a private area where you can spend time working on a variety of activities. Below are some of the many reasons that you might want a garage workbench for your home.

Carpentry and Wood Carving

Install a garage workbench for carpentry and wood carving activities. Your garage workbench offers tons of space for activities like assembling wooden furniture and wooden objects, nailing, sawing, cutting, and spreading out your tools.

Facilitate Home Repairs

Home repairs require space for sawing, screwing, cutting, assembling and more. The more home repairs and projects you typically take on, the more space you'll want for spreading everything out. A deep workbench is best if you're the kind of person who wants more than one project going at a time, so you can move one item aside and start another project whenever you want. At Garage Design Works, we carry a variety of workbenches in different sizes and dimensions, to meet your needs.

A Pleasant Retreat

A garage workbench makes your garage a more flexible space for getting work done. A good workbench can even turn your garage into a retreat, where you can grab a few hours of peace and quiet on a weekend afternoon. Use your garage workbench to read a book, eat a quiet lunch, write an email or do some homework.


6′ Adjustable Height Hardwood Workbench


8′ Adjustable Height Hardwood Workbench


6′ Wide 9-Outlet Workbench Powerstrip


4′ Adjustable Height Hardwood Workbench


Garage Stool


6′ Wide 9-Outlet Workbench Powerstrip


3′ Wide Mobile Workstation


Ready-to-Assemble Foldaway Work Station


6′ Wide 9-Outlet Workbench Powerstrip

What To Look For In a Garage Workbench

Workbenches Orlando turn your garage space into a private area where you can spend time working on a variety of activities. Below are some of the many reasons that you might want a garage workbench for your home.

It’s vitally important to buy the right garage workbench for your home. When you’re looking for workbenches in Orlando, the qualities listed below are most important.

  • Adjustability. Adjustability makes your workbench easier to use over long stretches of time, because you can adjust the height for your changing needs. Convert your workbench from a standing bench to a sitting bench and back again as your needs change. Need to store an extra tall piece of equipment under your bench? Raise the height as needed, then drop the height back down when the need changes.
  • Power Plugin. There’s nothing more inconvenient than trying to find an available outlet in a dark garage. Workbench power plugins make this a problem of the past! With plugins on the sides, you’ll always be able to find an available outlet for plugging in your devices like power tools, your computer or your reading lamp.
  • Space. Workbenches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s important to choose a workbench that has enough space for your needs and fits in your garage. When you’re trying to determine whether you have enough space for the workbench of your choice, measure twice before making a purchase. If you typically keep your car in the garage, don’t forget to pull your car in before taking measurements, to ensure that the bench you choose won’t stand in the way of your car.
  • Durability. Durability is an essential quality for any workbench. Workbenches have to be able to hold heavy pieces of equipment, withstand activities like hammering, screwing, sawing, gluing, pressing, clamping and more. Your workbench may also be exposed to a variety of oils and other materials, so it’s important to find a workbench that can be easily cleaned.
  • Aesthetics. Your garage workbench should look good. Aesthetics matter – especially when you’re taking on creative tasks. The better your space looks, the easier it will be to get into a creative frame of mind.

Where to Get your Orlando Garage Workbench

At Garage Design Works, we sell Gladiator workbenches and stools because they’re durable, long-lasting, attractive and functional. Gladiator workbenches are the only products that meet our standards of excellence.

Buy Your Gladiator Workbench Today

Garage Design Works are leaders in Orlando garage cabinets. We sell workbenches that go with our cabinet designs, so you can configure your garage to meet your unique needs. To find out more about installing a quality garage cabinet or workbench in your home, contact Garage Design Works today.



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