Garage Cabinets

A garage is an extension of your home. Garage Design Works is in the business of providing garage organization solutions for the Orlando residential garage that are both innovative and stylish. Our Orlando garage floor, cabinet and wall solutions maximize the storage and esthetic potential of the garage, creating an enjoyable multifunction space that simplifies and enhances the homeowner’s lifestyle. Our goal is to deliver the customer’s dream garage. To learn more about our garage organization and Orlando garage floor coating services, contact us today.

In your home, you carefully select and arrange every item so that it reflects your personality. Your garage is the same and should be engineered so that the room will awaken your creativity. At Garage Design Works, leaders in Orlando garage cabinets, we let you reclaim your space by providing professional garage design layouts that will be functional and efficient. By using top of the line Gladiator products, our cabinets and organizational products will help you streamline your garage.


Large GearBox

Extra Large GearBox

Jumbo GearBox

Premier Tall GearBox

Mobile Storage Cabinet

All-Season GearCloset


Storage Shoe Bench

Premier Modular GearDrawer

3/4-Door Modular GearBox

Premier Modular GearBox

Full-Door Modular GearBox

28″ Hardwood Top


Full-Door Wall GearBox

Premier 30″ Wall GearBox

3/4 Door Wall GearBox

Foldaway Work Station

Premier 24″ Wall GearBox

Jumbo GearBox


Fusion PRO Cabinets – 5 Piece HANDY Set

Fusion PRO Cabinets – 5 Piece HANDY Set

Fusion PRO Cabinets – 5 Piece TOOL Set

Fusion PRO Cabinets – 6 Piece CUBE Set

Premier 24″ Wall GearBox

Jumbo GearBox