6 Myths About Garage Epoxy Floor Coatings Debunked

What beliefs have you heard about epoxy Orlando garage floor coatings? We’ve heard these 6 from past customers who now realize they were all myths.

1. Professional Garage Epoxy Floor Coatings are Very Expensive: Many people think they can do it themselves with store–bought products. They have no knowledge of or the right tools to properly prepare the floor and apply the epoxy floor coatings. Consequently, they don’t do it correctly, frequently experience problems with the floor, and finally decide to hire a professional installer. That’s wasted money when it could have been done properly in the beginning. Having your garage epoxy floor coating applied professionally will provide years of use of your floor without any problems and actually save you money.

2. There is no Difference Among Epoxy Floor Coatings: The big home improvement stores sell garage epoxy floor coating products that are inferior to professionally-installed products. A good product will afford durability, enabling your floor to stand up to the impact of cars, abrasion from walking over it, and prevent fading and yellowing from the sun. Professional installers are trained on the do’s and don’ts of proper application and specialize in this service.

3. Epoxy is Just a Heavier Paint: Epoxy and paint are like apples and oranges; they are two different things. Epoxy is a much more substantial material. It contains special hardeners and resins that make it more durable than paint. Not only is it thicker than paint, it’s also UV, chemical, and abrasion–resistant.

4. Before Applying Epoxy, All That’s Required is Just Cleaning the Floor: Prepping the floor for the epoxy requires much more than just sweeping and cleaning. The garage floor usually needs to be mechanically diamond ground or lightly shot-blasted. This process will remove loose cement paste, surface contaminants, and creates a rough surface which enables the epoxy to adhere better to the floor. Most do-it-yourself kits recommend acid etching which does not yield the results that the grinding or shot–blasting gives.

5. Coating Your Garage Floor with Epoxy Will Require Repeat Applications Every 1-3 Years to Maintain It: This is true only if you use a do-it-yourself kit from a home improvement store, don’t prepare your floor properly, or don’t apply the coating properly. Generally, a garage floor that has been professionally epoxied and has an additional protective layer of urethane will give homeowners between 10 and 20 years of service.

6. Epoxy Floor Cannot Withstand Hot Tire Lift -Off: If you use an inferior epoxy floor coating product or do not clean and prep the floor properly by mechanically diamond-grinding or lightly shot-blasting it, you will incur hot-tire lift-off. The heat that your tires pick up from the friction of them running on the road will break the bond of the paint, resulting in the paint adhering to your tires. However, due to our strict surface preparation requirements, and superior coating systems, hot tire lift-off is not an issue. Before we even apply the floor coating, we prep your garage floor with our state-of-the-art equipment which most other contractors do not use. As a result, you get a beautifully finished garage floor that will not succumb to hot tire lift-off.

If you have any questions about Garage Design Works’ superior epoxy Orlando garage floors coating products and installation, call us today 407-447-8890. We’re so confident about the quality and application of our epoxy garage floor coatings, we offer a limited lifetime guarantee.