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6 Ways to Find the Best Garage Floor Contractor

IMAG0534.jpgYou have decided to invest in a beautiful floor for your business or home garage. Research has proven the most eye-catching floor with the least amount of maintenance has an epoxy floor finish, but the online contractors seem so similar. How can the most professional garage floor contractor be located? Read below for tips from Garage Design Works on how to choose the Orlando garage floor contractor with the best credentials.

  • Experience: A contractor with an unbroken number of years in service is key; with more experience, the contractor has the ability to provide examples of the work performed. Likewise, experience means plenty of practice to better exceed customer satisfaction.
  • Cost: When all else is considered, see if one contractor’s cost is significantly different than another’s. If so, ask why. Some contractors may use inferior materials or have fewer workers to lower their bid, which may impede installation speed. While cost and quality tend to correlate, verify the quoted price is for services rendered and not an inflated price.
  • References: Ask for past customer reviews before making a final decision, or visit establishments where epoxy flooring has been applied by the contractor you wish to hire.
  • License and insurance: Florida mandates contractors carry proper licensure and insurance. All contractors must provide both upon request. If your contractor is not licensed and/or insured, the work performed may not meet code requirements, leading to unprecedented costs for repairs, which you would be liable for paying.
  • Availability: This may prove a double-edge sword since the most sought-after contractors are generally booked well in advance. Your decision may depend on how long you are willing to wait for the contractor of your choice.
  • Warranty: Some contractors stand behind their work for a year, five years, or longer. Find out how long the warranty is for your new epoxy finish and exactly what is considered to fall under the warranty protection plan. Ask if the original warranty can be extended for an additional fee.

Knowing all the facts will assist in determining the Orlando garage floor company to fit your needs. Call Garage Design Works at (407) 447-8890 for a free quote, and read our past blogs for information pertaining to all your garage design needs.