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8 Tips for Making Your Garage Storage Space Rock

GAWA046PSY[1].jpg Tired of seeing all of that clutter in your garage? Is it difficult to make your way into your house from your car? It’s time to make your garage storage space work for you by providing Orlando garage organization.

  1. Move your cars out of your garage and sort through all of the clutter on your garage floor. Organize similar things into groups such as plant fertilizers and weed killers, gardening tools, sports gear, home improvement tools, holiday decorations, and garbage and recycling bins.
  2. After sorting your clutter, check the condition of your walls and floor. Consider installing drywall so you can hang cabinets and a wall organizational unit. Painting your walls will enhance the appearance of your garage. Sweep and clean your garage floor. If your floor is cracked or stained, call our Orlando floor experts at Garage Design Works. We can apply a durable, attractive epoxy floor coating to cover your floor, making it look like a new garage.
  3. Create different zones in your garage for storage of these items, keeping in mind how often you use them. Once you have identified where the different groups of items should be stored, it will be easier to determine the type of storage needed.
  4. Use a wall organization unit with hook accessories to hang your lawn and garden tools, bikes, lawn chairs, golf clubs, and fishing gear. Place your wall unit near your garage doors so you can easily grab items on your way outside.
  5. Place trash and recycle bins close to the house entrance inside your garage for convenient access.
  6. Get an overhead shelf storage unit for larger sports equipment and seasonal items and accessories that are not used on a regular basis.
  7. Use vertical storage cabinets for items that can be shelved and should be out of sight. Plant food, fertilizers, weed control products, small tools, and automotive motor oils can be housed in them. If you have a climate control system in your garage, you may even be able to store canned goods, soda, and paper products as well.
  8. If space allows, consider a refrigerator to keep excess items that your house refrigerator cannot store.

The potential for garage storage is limitless. Tell us how you make your Orlando garage organization work for you. What items do you store in your garage and how do you keep them organized?

At Garage Design Works, we offer a variety of Orlando garage organization options to keep all of your necessities off the floor and in a safe place. To start planning your perfect garage space, call Garage Design Works at (407) 447-8890.

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