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How to Create a Garage Playroom

Kids love to play and express their imagination in exciting, colorful spaces, and with some planning, your garage can be transformed into the ultimate playroom. Garage Design Works is happy to share our playroom tips, including how to use Orlando garage floor coating to create a safe, easy-to-maintain playroom floor.

Insulate the Walls

Garages are built to protect cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and more from outdoor weather, but they’re not designed to keep children comfortable year-round. Your first step should be to insulate the walls to guard against extreme temperatures. On days when outdoor temperatures soar upwards or plummet downwards, your kids can play safely in a comfortable temperature.

Install High-Quality Flooring

A hard, concrete garage floor is not suitable for kids to sit on or play on. Not only is it unsightly, but concrete is unforgiving when kids fall. It also stains easily. However, opting for an ArmorSeal epoxy flooring system can fix all of these problems.

When choosing this system, professionals apply layers of epoxy coating over the concrete. Once the epoxy dries, you’ll have a beautiful, glossy floor that offers excellent protection from abrasions that sometimes happen during play. Additionally, the playroom floor never stains, thanks to a strong, protective sealant. Since it’s bound to get dirty, you’ll appreciate having a floor that is easy to sweep and mop, and easy for the kids to clean, too.

Another reason to choose epoxy flooring over traditional tile flooring is for its excellent UV sun ray protection. Intense sun rays often causes color tiles to fade over time, but epoxy floors don’t fade, and you avoid the hassles of replacing discolored tile sealant. If you do want to re-coat your ArmorSeal epoxy floor at some point, it’s very easy to do so.

Upgrade Wiring

Besides the fact that your children might want to play games that require electricity, such as video games or toys that require recharging, it’s important that you can properly illuminate the playroom space at all times. Consult with an electrician to see what needs to be done so your garage playroom has enough electrical outlets, and to ensure that all outlets are child safe.

Brighten the Space

Garages have minimal lighting that usually comes from small windows. To make the playroom brighter, plan on adding more light. You can do this by installing large windows, installing ceiling lights, or designing with fun and colorful lamps.

The Orlando garage floor coating experts at Garage Design Works are ready to provide advice and assistance for your playroom. Contact us today for a free consultation.