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Favorite Transformations of 2017

The modern garage is so much more than just a place to park vehicles; each makeover from Garage Design Works includes high-quality Orlando garage storage systems that helps personalize and customize the space.

Every year, our team helps homeowners optimize and re-imagine their garage space. This year we had the pleasure of redesigning many fine garages, and we’re revealing our top three favorite garage transformations of 2017.

Garage Transformation #1 – Optimize Space
This client has a very spacious garage with natural lighting. Yet, this space was underutilized before we showed up. The client wanted a design that maintained multipurpose spaciousness with more organization options. We did a complete makeover of flooring, walls, and ceiling to give the space a fresh, contemporary look.

We installed a sleek slat wall system, giving walls an updated uniform look that’s extremely practical. To complete the slatwall we included several metal hooks and compatible hanging baskets that easily attach to slats. Everest White Cabinets were mounted on the wall directly underneath an ONRAX Enduro-Deck™ overhead rack, and we put in a beautiful new Armor Seal floor in Saddle Tan to add visual texture.

Garage Transformation #2 – Organize for Work and Play
This client uses their garage for work projects and extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, unnecessary clutter was preventing productivity. We got busy mounting several large and small Gladiator Premier Series Cabinets to the wall, and also added a matching workbench. Combined with a slat wall system, the client is now able to easily store away work, recreational equipment, and has plenty of floor space for project work!

Garage Transformation #3 – Multipurpose Work Space
This client wanted new flooring and a neatly organized work space. We redid the flooring in a nice gray color with a durable, easily-maintained Armor Seal floor. The client picked cabinets and a workbench from the Everest White Cabinet Series for an efficient, versatile place to work on projects.

If you’re feeling inspired and would like to explore more ideas for Orlando garage storage systems, contact us today for a free consultation.