Garage Flooring Options That Really Rock

A standard cement Orlando garage floor can be quite unsightly. It collects oil spills from your car and stains from countless other items you have stored there. Kids playing, jumping, and running in muddy shoes and driving your car in and out add to the perpetual abuse your garage floor endures. Needless to say, when you have the garage door open, it can be a bit of an embarrassment.

There are many options besides the standard cement slab. Some people try to reduce the abuse by gluing indoor/outdoor polypropylene carpeting onto their Orlando garage floors. However, this really doesn’t solve the problem and it can cost the homeowner time and effort in maintenance and care. Continuous driving and turning of the car wheels can cause the carpeting to buckle and the edges of the carpeting can pull up if they’re not properly glued to the floor. Even more, cleaned oil stains may resurface after they’ve dried due to the wicking property of the carpeting.

Then there are those homeowners who try rubber tiles over the cement slab. Once again, if seepage occurs from underneath the floor, it could cause loosening of adhesives, resulting in curled tiles. Some cleaning products can also discolor the rubber tiles. As a matter of fact, grease can stain these types of rubber tiles if not wiped up immediately.

The Best Garage Flooring Options

Wouldn’t it be great to have a garage flooring product that is durable, attractive to the eye, and easy to maintain? Garage Design Works has come to the rescue! We offer three coating options that not only protect your cement garage floor, but are appealing and easy to maintain. Once you decide on the level of protection your garage floor needs, you can select your color from their assortment of decorative hues.

  • Industrial Option. The first choice is the industrial option which involves application of a decorative color coating over your existing cement slab. This option comes in a variety of attractive colors to suit any decor or preferences.

  • Premium Option. The premium option offers the decorative color coating along with a chip broadcast layer for additional protection.

  • Platinum Option. The most durable coating is the platinum option which includes a clear protective top coating over the decorative color coating and chip broadcast layer.

After the installation of your new garage flooring, don’t be surprised to see your neighbors admiring it and asking you for Garage Design Work’s contact information. It’s happened many times before. If you’re ready to transform your Orlando garage flooring’s form and function, contact Garage Design Works today.