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Give Your Neighbors Garage Envy With the Help of Garage Design Works

1 Many homeowners use their garages as a huge dumping ground for large items that no longer fit in the house, or for all the garden implements necessary to keep lawns healthy. Unfortunately, overcrowding often leads to the family vehicle or vehicles parking in the driveway or along the street rather than in the confines of the garage. The larger the challenge in cleaning the garage, the less likely homeowners are to tackle the job.

Fortunately, the garage floors in Orlando team at Garage Design Works can work with you to create a livable arrangement that will house both your vehicles and your belongings. Read below for the products and services Garage Design Works offers for homeowners who need organizational help in their garages.

Overhead Storage

Overhead storage is perfect for many homeowners since it stores items not needed constantly – such as seasonal items – off the floor and out of the way. When they are ready to be used, access is easy. Your garage has a large area of unused space above the level of your vehicle, such as the area above the garage door. Make use of this undeveloped space with an ONRAX Enduro-DeckTM System. ONRAX systems are custom-built, spanning up to 8’ and hanging up to 45” from the ceiling of your garage to house up to 800 pounds of goods. Angled ceilings can also be accommodated with this custom system. A lifetime warranty covers ONRAX, giving customers peace of mind.

Wall Systems

Most garages are designed with at least a few feet of room on either side of the garage doors. Much of this underutilized area can house Gladiator hanging wall systems for tools, garden implements, and recreational equipment such as bicycles or fishing rods. Hook and wall accessories can hold a myriad of tools and toys.

Garage Cabinets

Gladiator Premier Series cabinets have the same strength as the Gladiator hanging wall systems and come in a variety of styles and sizes. GearDrawers and GearBoxes can be either modular with casters to roll around the garage, or permanently installed as wall or floor cabinets.

Everest White

Everest White cabinets are constructed of heavy-duty steel to house or cluster your items. Mounted on the wall or rolled around on casters, the design possibilities of Everest White cabinets are limitless since the stand-alone cabinets can be hung separately, stacked, stretched across the back or sides of the garage, or any other design. The beauty of the finish is matched by the industrial strength of the cabinetry.

Epoxy Garage Floor

All your new storage accessories will shine even brighter on a beautiful, long-lasting ArmorSeal epoxy floor. In an assortment of finishes and colors, epoxy floors are resistant to vehicle spills, which are easily wiped away with a soft cloth. The caster wheels from your rolling cabinets and tool chests are gentle on the floor and roll easily across the garage to where you are working. Low-maintenance epoxy floors last decades with very little special maintenance outside sweeping and wiping up spills.

Your garage will be the talk of the town with assistance from Garage Design Works’ accessories and workmanship. Give the premier garage floors in Orlando team a call at (407) 447-8890 to speak with one of our organizational experts, and read our past blogs for pertinent information on garage flooring and storage.

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