Host a Tailgating Party in Your Garage for Super Bowl XLVII

The 47th Super Bowl is quickly approaching, with February 2nd set as the big game day.  Unfortunately, no one will be tailgating at the big game this year due to the NFL’s official ban on tailgating at the event. Due to the snow and cold that’s gripping most of the nation; this ban may be a good thing.

But thankfully, here in Florida, with sunshine and fair weather as the norm, tailgating could easily be in your forecast. And what better place to have a tailgating party, than right in your very own garage! We want to make sure your garage tailgate is successful, so we’ve provided a few tips to help you throw a tailgate that even Super Bowl ticket holders will be disappointed to miss.

  • Your garage is the perfect place to host a tailgating party.  Begin with a well-organized garage to act as a clean slate for decorations and activities.

  • The focal point of any tailgating party is, of course, the game.  Use a video projector and a canvas, or even a blank wall, so that you and your guests can catch every exciting moment on a large scale.

  • Your friends and family will be hungry for some serious NFL action–and for barbecue!  Set up a make-your-own burger and hot dog bar with a wide variety of condiments and toppings to help satisfy everyone’s cravings.  Don’t forget the silverware and disposable plates!

  • Keep the crowd entertained before kickoff.  Garages often have great acoustics for sound systems.  Set up classic games like corn hole and ladderball, and keep the football and frisbees just outside for easy accessibility.

  • Don’t forget the cooler!  Stock up on sodas and juices as well as adult beverages to quench everyone’s thirst.  If you have a refrigerator outside, make sure you put your drinks in early enough so that they’ll be icy and cold for game time!

  • Why not set up a few chairs for a comfortable area to recline and relax. These could be anything from folding or camping chairs, to adirondack chairs or even a plush piece borrowed from indoors. Setting up several tables might also be helpful.

It’s true. Hosting a tailgating party is an easy and fun way to celebrate the Super Bowl.  And getting organized can lead to more time to have fun. With a clean, clutter-free garage, you will have plenty of room to create an authentic, enjoyable experience. And of course, it always helps to have some expert guidance when determining the best storage solutions for your space.

Not sure where to begin? Let Garage Design Works help!  We offer Orlando garage floors, garage organization and wall cabinets. Check us out online and see for yourself what’s available, or contact us by phone or via the website today!

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