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How to Add Value and Functionality to Your Garage

2 Is your garage a “plain Jane”? Are you just using it to park your cars? Why not add some interest and functionality to it so you‘ll enjoy spending time in there and increase your home’s value? Orlando garage floor coating professionals, Garage Design Works, offer their insights to get that garage a functioning part of your home.

Consider Investing in the Following Features for Your Garage:

  • Add a door so you can easily access your yard without having to open your garage door. This affords you more privacy when working in your garage, lets fresh air inside, and will make it easier when doing yard work like gardening or trimming.
  • Most development track homes don’t include a window. Have a window installed on the side of your garage, which will add additional light and fresh air for you when working in your garage. This will also make the outside of your home look more attractive.
  • Give your garage the feel of another room in your home by having a durable garage epoxy floor coating product professionally applied. You won’t have to look at a dirty cement floor that may eventually crack from the weight of your cars driving over it. Cleaning your floor will be a breeze. Just sweep and wipe up spills. It will give your garage that showroom-look for many years.
  • Dedicate space in your garage to add a workbench for those hobby or home-improvement projects. Think about the types of work you will be doing to determine the size you will need to work comfortably and safely on it. Don’t forget a stool so you can really feel comfortable while playing in your “man cave.”
  • Make sure you have enough outlets and lighting so you can easily use your power tools safely. When considering lighting options, opt for energy–saving fluorescent tubes. If you want bright light in your garage, space nine fixtures evenly throughout the interior.
  • Include storage cabinets around the interior perimeter of your garage to reduce clutter inside your home. Consider cabinets on casters so you can easily move them when you need to do so. Use a smaller chest cabinet underneath your workbench for tool storage. Storage cabinets will prevent your garage from looking cluttered and offer easy access to things you will need.
  • Leave room for wall storage systems to hang large tools and sporting equipment, as well as overhead storage, for those seasonal items that you don’t need year-round.

If you need help transforming your ordinary garage into a functional “man cave” that will add value to your home, call the experts at Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890 for all of the state-of-the-art Orlando garage floor coating and organizational systems we provide.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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