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Hurricane-Proofing Your Garage Doors Is No Fairy -Tale

P130027_15z.jpeg “He huffed and he puffed and he blew the house in and gobbled up the little pig.” Don’t you remember the fairy tale of The Three Little Pigs? The first two pigs lost their homes because they were not fortified to withstand the mighty breath of the bad wolf. The third clever little pig was totally prepared because he had built his home of brick and mortar. The bad wolf didn’t stand a chance.

As the start of the hurricane season fast approaches on June  1st, is your home ready to withstand the winds of these forceful storms? According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, garage doors are one of the main factors contributing to home damage during a hurricane.

The failure of your garage doors resisting the ravaging winds of a hurricane can leave a big hole in your home, which can enable a hurricane to blow off your home’s roof. So, what’s a “smart little piggy” to do? There are two ways to be prepared when your “ bad wolf comes huffing and puffing”:

  1. Purchase a new garage door that meets the wind load requirements of your Florida county building code. Fiberglass or steel impact-resistant garage doors are made to withstand mighty hurricane winds. Hurricane–proof doors contain an extra-long steel track system and twist-resistant framework. Either type of door will work as long as it meets your county wind-load requirements.
  2. Purchase a hurricane-resistant retrofit kit for your existing garage doors. This option includes braces and hardware to reinforce  them. Check your garage door owner ‘s manual to ensure that the tracks of your garage doors are at least 14-gauge weight. Make sure all screws are there and attached securely. Replace loose screws with longer screws. Inquire about home hurricane–proof improvement discounts from your insurance company.

Like the third little pig in the nursery rhyme, The Three Little Pigs, be proactive instead of reactive. The next time a hurricane comes “huffing and puffing” and tries to blow in your garage doors, you can confidently say “Not by the hair of my chinny-chin -chin.”
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