Garages have grown in importance over the years. No longer are they the cobweb filled, paint stained space where we park our lawnmowers and minivans. Now they’re an outdoor representation of our homes interior. While you may think this is a silly notion, your garage is the most visible room in your house, especially if you, like most Americans, leave your garage open a lot–think about it.

Since our garages have jumped from storage space to vehicular showroom status, keeping the garage and its floors clean has become a necessity. Enhancing your outdoor living space is not as difficult as you might think. If you’re wondering how you can enjoy your garage in a whole new way, contact Garage Design Works and explore your options.

If you want to enhance your garage storage space, start with the floors. Garage Design Works has the solutions and the knowledge to help you reach your goals for a clean and easy to maintain Fort Myers garage floor. Garages often receive the heaviest traffic of any room in the average home.  Between the kids coming inside after playtime, garage sales, and the occasional garage party, you need to make sure your garage floors look their best!

For the highest-quality garage floors in Fort Myers, look no further than the ArmorSeal floor coating system. This unique garage floor coating comes in a variety of attractive colors, perfect for matching any decor.  With resistance to the sun’s damaging UV rays, you can be sure that your selected color will stay intact for years to come.

Additionally, ArmorSeal resists the wear and tear of heavy traffic and provides a slip-resistant surface, making it safe for both adults and children. Finally, a high-quality floor coating like ArmorSeal is stain-resistant and easy to clean, helping you prepare quickly and easily for any expected, or unexpected guests.

Garage floors in Fort Myers have never looked better, thanks to ArmorSeal floor systems! For more information about ArmorSeal floor systems or to schedule a consultation, contact Garage Design Works today. And remember, as a leader in the garage interiors market, you are guaranteed a limited lifetime warranty on your new garage floor.