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Industries That Need Epoxy Floors

geraldine lewa 368769 unsplash scaled It’s no secret that epoxy coatings can transform Winter Garden garage floors. They’re easy to clean, incredibly durable, and designed to make every garage feel like an extension of your home. However, there are many applications for these coatings beyond residential or commercial garage spaces and work areas! As a business owner, making your space as low-maintenance as possible is important to your bottom line. If you own a company in one of these industries, consider upgrading your floors with epoxy coatings.


Printed media is still a thriving business, but the nature of the industry makes it particularly hard on standard flooring. Boxes of paper, pallets, ink, and machine grease all take their toll on flooring materials. Installing an epoxy floor coating makes cleanup easier, while also reducing the wear and tear from moving heavy carts and pallets.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to worry about keeping facilities clean at all times. Audits can happen when you least expect them, and if the facility fails, you could be subject to hefty fines. With standard flooring materials, scratches and pits in the surface can be difficult to clean. Epoxy flooring is extremely durable even under constant use, making it easier to keep floors clean and maintain proper sanitation practices.

Food Manufacturing and Production

Food production requires a clean environment that can be sterilized multiple times each day. Epoxy floor coatings can withstand constant cleaning without damage! Ordinary flooring is easily damaged by the caustic chemicals used to properly clean and sanitize the facility. Epoxy will hold up for years without you having to worry about frequent maintenance or repairs.

Packaging Companies

The manufacturing and packing floor needs to be as clean as possible. Dust, grease, and oil can ruin otherwise good materials, but epoxy floors are easy to keep spotless. Whether you spot clean throughout the day or do a massive sweep at the end of business hours, an epoxy floor will be spotless in no time.

At Garage Design Works, we’ll help you get your business’s floors ready for anything you can throw their way. Our epoxy coatings are ideal for residential and commercial Winter Garden garage floors, factories, food production facilities, and manufacturing plants. Installation is fast, so you can get back to work quickly. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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