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Make Your Garage the Life of the Party This Summer

The time for summer celebration is here, and you’re ready to host summer parties, picnics, and barbecues. Turning your garage into a party hub for family and friends is a great idea. Now all you have to do is make your garage space suitable and safe for festive gatherings. The best way to approach the task of transforming your garage is to create a sensible Orlando garage organization plan. The below helpful suggestions can make the work behind the change go smoother.

Clear Out the Clutter

A garage is a great place to store stuff, especially when home storage space is limited. Over time, things that you may no longer need or want accumulate in the garage, causing unsightly clutter. The first step in the organization plan is to begin reorganizing by going through your garage, section by section, removing items that should be discarded or stored elsewhere.

Where Should the Remaining Stuff Go?

Okay, the extra stuff is gone, but you still have plenty of items that need to remain inside the garage. What are you going to do with it?

The solution is to expand the storage capacity inside your garage as much as possible. Since this space is going to double as a party room, storage options should be attractive and functional.   

Choose Durable Chic Storage Cabinets

The days of tacky garage storage are long gone. You can now choose garage storage cabinetry that looks chic and offers full customization. The Everest White Cabinet Series is a good example of this new era of storage solutions. Made of heavy-duty welded steel for strength, they are sleekly designed, creating an upscale look for your garage. Imagine your party guests’ delightful surprise seeing contemporary cabinets with a cool coastal vibe in your garage.

Selecting cabinets that share the same design gives the space a seamless uniformity. Depending on your storage needs, cabinets can be all the same size, or you can mix sizes for maximum efficiency. Either way, modern steel cabinets give you plenty of storage options for organizing a variety of items.

Protect Guests from Danger

One of the many benefits of cabinet storage is that you can use it to keep dangerous materials out of sight. Closed cabinets placed high on the wall can store products containing chemicals and harmful toxins. You can do the same for sharp tools and items that cause injury when mishandled. These items are going to be safely out of sight from kids, pets, and mischievous adults.

Protect Flooring

Once you open your garage to summer parties, accidental spills of food and drink are bound to happen. Prevent permanent floor stains and make cleaning loads easier by protecting the floor with a high-grade epoxy covering. You can easily make this a part of your Orlando garage organization plan. Need help upgrading your garage for summer fun? Contact Garage Design Works today at (407) 447-8890.