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Make Your Garage Pet-Friendly

Our pets are an extension of our family. In a perfect world, we would take our four-legged family members everywhere with us, but society says we often have to leave them home alone, especially when we go to work. If you’re fortunate enough to have a climate-controlled garage or if you’re willing to insulate your space, you’re on your way to creating the perfect spot for Fido and Fluffy when you’re not home. Rather than confining pets in a fenced yard, bathroom, or gated area, they can roam, romp, and relax in a larger area that offers shelter and safety.

First Things First

Your pet’s safety is your primary concern. Thoroughly clean the garage floor to remove all auto fluids, including oil, tainted water, and especially the antifreeze. Consider redoing the floor with our beautiful ArmorSeal Floor System for years of low-maintenance, heavy-duty garage floors. Add removable, absorbent mats to make it easier to clean any future messes.

Employ Shelf Storage

Collect and store all chemicals, paint, power tools, garden tools, and hoses—anything your pet may be tempted to eat, chew on, or play with. Slat wall systems make it easy to customize storage with shelves, bins, baskets, and hooks to get everything off the floor and out of your pet’s reach.

Create a Comfort Zone

Along with water, toys, and blankets, include a crate or covered pillow so your pet has a comfortable spot to lie down and sleep. Dogs and cats enjoy the safety of enclosed spaces, which mimic dens in the wild. This is especially important if your pets typically run for cover during thunderstorms.

Accommodate Basic Needs

Keep a litter box nearby for cats and puppy pads or even faux grass for dogs trained to eliminate indoors. If your dogs are accustomed to using a doggy door, install one in your garage so they can access a fenced yard.

Want More Ideas?

The team at Garage Design Works is happy to work with you to transform your garage into a pet-friendly hangout. Contact them online for planning assistance or for any questions about Orlando garage storage systems.