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How Mats Can Improve Your Garage’s Functionality

IMG952003.jpgInvesting in a finished floor, such as Garage Design Work’s epoxy finishes, gives your garage beauty and resilience. The epoxy coating lasts decades with the proper care, which is generally minimal. Sometimes, the inevitable occurs, and the floor is damaged when your vehicle runs over a sharp tool inadvertently left on the floor. To protect any floor finish – epoxy, paint, or solid concrete – it is wise to invest in mats. The Orlando garage floors team at Garage Design Works has several suggestions for garage mats that will enhance the performance of both you and your floor.

  • Anti-Fatigue Mats: These mats are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. From interlocking 24”x24” mats to mats that accommodate a much smaller work area when moving about is not an issue, the premise is basically the same: stabilize and relieve back and leg fatigue. Place these mats in locations where you stand frequently, such as in front of the washer and dryer, a work bench, or a craft area. Choose a mat that meets your needs since some are designed to be water or fire resistant while other stylish varieties can be cleaned in the washing machine.
  • Parking Guide Mats: With a similar structure to drive-on ramps but without the elevation change, these mats have a small rise at the beginning to tell you your wheels are aligned with the mat and a larger rise at the end to guide you to stop. These mats ensure you park in the same spot every time, which keep you from driving too far into the garage or not quite far enough. If your garage is tight on space, this will also keep you from accidentally nudging lawnmowers, bicycles, or other bulky items stored nearby. Adhesion strips keep these mats firmly in place.
  • Oil/Fluid Drip Mats: When you are sure your car is parked in the same location every time, placing an oil or fluid drip mat is easy. These mats are useful for older cars or to catch the fluids leaked when home mechanics work on their vehicles. Toss out the kitty litter and replace it with an oil drip mat. Because vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, so do these mats.
  • Containment Mats: It rains frequently in Florida. Containment mats keep the water that drips from your wet vehicle from spreading all over the floor, making it much less likely for you to slip and fall.\

Using the correct floor mat can keep your garage safer and cleaner. Give Garage Design Works a call at 407-447-8890 to learn more ideas on Orlando garage floors safety.