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Ways to Create Your Own Wine Cellar in the Garage

As a wine lover, you enjoy collecting various vintages and sharing exciting finds with family and friends. Have you ever thought about turning your garage into a wine cellar as a way to expand and protect your collection? This is one of those Orlando garage ideas that require design expertise, and you can pick up some great tips from our experts.

Framing and Insulation

While your garage provides a good starting point for a cellar, it’s only a basic shell. Your cellar needs a solid wood frame and insulation to protect wine from temperature extremes. Depending on your design plan, you can make the frame with 1×6, 2×4, or 2×6 lumber, add wood panels between the frame, and then cover the walls with quality spray-foam insulation. When that’s done, all that’s left is to finish building wall surfaces and paint.

Cellar Flooring

If your garage has concrete flooring, you can improve the floor with ArmorSeal epoxy primer and sealant. The primer gives the floor an upscale appearance, and a protective coat prevents chipping and staining. Accidental spills are easier to clean up and the floor maintains its luster.

Wine Bottle Storage Design

Installing a slat wall storage system allows you to customize shelf storage any way you want. Walls shelves let you proudly showcase your special collection of unique wines, and Everest white cabinets feature storage shelves and strong steel doors that can hold multiple wines yearlong. Rolling drawer cabinets are ideal for storing utensils, extra corks, and corkscrews, and additional wall-mounted cabinets can store wine glasses and dishes for entertaining.

Ceiling Storage

Utilize every inch of available storage space by hanging overhead storage units from the ceiling. These sturdy metal shelves can handle heavy weight, making them a good place to store cases of wine and party supplies.

Keeping Wine Cool

Maintaining the quality of your wine collection is crucial to taste. Wine cooling units let you control the temperature in the cellar, while also removing excess humidity. These energy-efficient units come in different sizes and configurations.

Professional Wine Cellar Help

The professionals at Garage Design Works are available to assist you with the creation of your unique wine cellar. To get expert advice and planning help with Orlando garage ideas, simply contact us today for a free consultation.