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What Exactly Makes That Professional Garage Floor Coating Stick?

IMG955455.jpg Are you curious why your DIY garage epoxy floor coating didn’t stick and started peeling within one year of application? There are several reasons why this may have happened to your Orlando garage floor.

  • Use of a high solids epoxy floor coating. The epoxy in your DIY kit was thinned by adding more water or more solvents. You need an epoxy product that is a high solids epoxy so it provides a thick, durable coating. Our Garage Design Works professionals use an epoxy coating that is four times stronger than regular epoxy.
  • Correct floor preparation. At Garage Design Works, we use an industrial floor grinders which will remove imperfections in the floor and also provide the slightly rough texture needed for the epoxy to adhere to your floor. Most DIY kits recommend acid etching which can be dangerous if the acid splashes on you. When you acid etch your floor, you don’t have as much control over the uniformity of the surface of the floor. Grinding removes even the white crumbly powdery substance on the floor which the acid etching doesn’t do.
  • Proper application of the epoxy. Epoxy coatings involve hardeners or activators that have a limited time to be applied before they get too think to apply. An inexperienced person can run into big trouble and waste a great deal of time and materials if they are not very organized and capable of moving quickly.
  • Suitable weather conditions. All of our trained Garage Design Works’ technicians know to apply the epoxy during times when the humidity levels and temperature won’t interfere with the curing process. This ensures that your floor dries and cures better. You’ll be able to return your cars to your garage at the appropriate time; there’s no second guessing involved.
  • Use of a urethane top coat. Most DIY garage epoxy kits do not include a top coat. We use a durable urethane coating which shields your Orlando garage floor from scratches, chips, and stains. It is the icing on the cake because it gives your floor a beautiful glossy finish and helps the floor withstand heavy traffic so it doesn’t fade or dull.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to recoat your garage floor because it requires more time, effort, and money on your part. Ensure that your garage floor coating will stick by hiring the professionals who have been coating Orlando garage floors since 2004 – Garage Design Works. Contact us at 407-447-8890.

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