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3 Varieties of Shelving for Your Garage

GAWA046PSY[1].jpg You have finally made the decision to organize your garage because, face it, the main function of the garage is to park the car and that is not happening at your house. When you look online at all the options, you are overwhelmed with the choices. Where will you start? Is it more cost effective to have overhead storage or shelves? Why do some people prefer open shelves to storage cabinets? Fortunately, the Orlando garage storage system experts at Garage Design Works can answer your question for you. After a free on-site visit, they can explain which storage pieces will best suit your needs and soon have your belongings and your car in your garage with the tools to keep the clutter from taking over the garage again.

  • Gladiator’s slatted wall system gives homeowners the ability to store items from a small container of nails to a large collection of football gear in bins or on specialized hooks. With everything clearly in view, this system is extremely user-friendly. As the season and your needs change, simply remove the hooks and transfer them to another section of the garage to hang your items in a less conspicuous spot until those items are used frequently again. This system is perfect for seasonal items (beach toys or soccer gear, for instance) that are heavily used for short periods of time, then require storage until they are utilized again.
  • Garage cabinets store your items neatly. The ease of moving seasonal belongings from one area of the garage to another is more limited when compared to open shelving or slatted wall systems. However, if you enjoy seeing a pristine garage with no tools or belongings along the walls, garage cabinets are your answer. With a variety of sizes and endless design options, garage cabinets can be mounted above a work station or at floor level to act as storage as well as a countertop. Many garage cabinets roll on casters, which allows you to move them from one end of the garage to another while working on a project. Garage Design Works Premier Series Cabinets and Gearboxes have a beautiful, heavy-duty stainless steel façade with flush door pulls.
  • Everest White finished cabinets offer a clean, uncluttered appearance to your garage. With an abundance of sizes and shapes, you can purchase one cabinet, a wall of cabinets, a workstation, or fill your garage with cabinets configured in work areas to meet your needs. Everest White cabinets are elegant as well as durable.

With the correct planning and organizing techniques from Garage Design Works, your garage can be transformed into an Orlando garage storage system paradise. The best news? You are not tied to any one item – mix and match wall panels with Everest White cabinets to store all your belongings. Your garage is only limited by your imagination. Call Garage Design Works today at 407-447-8890 and read our blogs to learn more about simplifying your storage needs.

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