De-cluttering Your Garage After The Holidays

The holidays are a great time to enjoy the company of friends and family and to show how much you appreciate them. But after all is said and done, you are left with the holiday clean-up, whether it’s getting rid of old toys to make room for the new ones, or just simply packing away your holiday decorations. Tampa garage organization experts are here to help you organize your garage for all of your new toys and for a more efficient use of garage space. Here are a few ways you can use garage storage and organization to get cleaned up after the holidays.

1. Wall track systems: By using wall systems, you could be better utilizing the space on your wall. Maximize this space by installing “slat walls;” you can attach hook and wall accessories to hang your new bikes, lawn tools, and even bins and caddies to hold the new set of golf clubs that you received for Christmas. Your Tampa garage organization experts can help you best utilize your wall for easy access and convenience.

2. Garage Cabinets: Are you looking to make a new years resolution out of clearing your garage? Cabinets can help you store your new holiday toys while hiding away the old ones. They are great for keeping things away from children and make organizing your garage much easier and more stylish. They can be either free-standing on rollers or be mounted on your wall for your convenience.

3. Overhead storage: This is a popular option if you want to hide away your holiday decorations. Not only do these industrial strength systems hold up to 800 pounds, but they also provide the perfect space for things you might not use very often. Don’t stuff your closets with your holiday decorations; make use of space you may have never even thought of by using overhead racks.

Give yourself a late holiday gift using our top of the line garage organization products so you can efficiently streamline your garage. Our Tampa garage organization experts are here to give your garage a new life and even give you a great reason to turn it into your dream room. Call Garage Design Works today at 727-378-0513 to learn more about our storage and organizational tools and to schedule a free in-home consultation.