Transforming Your Garage Into Your Dream Room

Many times you might not see a garage being used for it’s primary purpose; storing your vehicles. It often becomes a storage space for belongings that aren’t often used. But why not transform this space into a more usable and exciting room? With the help of your Orlando garage floor coating experts, your drab garage can be converted into the area of your dreams.

1. Orlando garage floor coating can enhance the look of your brand-new game room. Are you an avid video gamer or have children that take over your living room when you want to watch tv? Deck out your garage with a few couches, a big screen television, and your choice video game consoles. Don’t forget your stocked up refrigerator!

2. Turn your garage space into a full-fledged bar. Cover up the concrete floor with help from Orlando garage floor coating experts. Spilled drinks are easier to clean up and you won’t have to worry about stains. Build up a bar featuring your favorite wines, beers and spirits, and accommodate your friends with some comfy bar stools and entertainment, whether it’s from the TV or a jukebox.

3.  Looking for a space for you and your friends to get your gambling on? Your unused garage space can be the perfect hangout for you and your poker buddies. You can incorporate a card table, full bar, and refrigerator in your garage space for your convenience.

4. If you’ve always dreamed of converting a room in your home into a movie theater, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Not only is it a family friendly option, but there’s enough room for stadium seating, a big screen or projector and big comfy armchairs.

Coating your garage floor gives you various options on how you can best utilize your garage, whether you want to make it a work space or recreation center. Call Garage Design Works today at 407-447-8890 so we can help you create the ultimate retreat with Orlando garage floor coating.