Which Garage Cabinets Are Best For You?

Have you ever walked into your garage and had to dig through a cluttered box with hopes of finding what you’re looking for all in one piece, or finding it at all? Garage cabinets can be your solution to clearing out your garage space so you can utilize it for that workspace that you’ve always wanted. Tampa garage organization can help you become more proactive in keeping your belongings well-arranged and protected in a streamlined solution. But when choosing your garage cabinets, how do you know if they will be right for you?

Wood cabinets are offered in different styles and sizes, and are a choice for many who are on a budget, or those simply looking for a quick fix. Though wood can be fairly inexpensive, it doesn’t last as long as some other materials, and you typically have to piece it together yourself. It can crack and chip if not properly handled, and could eventually rot if your environment is prone to moisture. You could also try a do-it-yourself cabinet project, but sometimes the end product isn’t as reliable as you may have anticipated.

If you’re looking for cheaper cabinets, there are often many plastic cabinet options to choose from. Plastic may last longer than wood, but it typically doesn’t withstand as much weight as wood or metal can. While this option is cheaper up front, you may end up buying more storage in the future due to its cracking and bending under the weight.

Tampa garage organization experts recommend metal cabinets for several reasons. Metal garage cabinets may cost slightly more up front, but they provide the longest lifespan and can hold much more weight than plastic or wood cabinets. The material won’t crack or bend under the specified weight, and you can hang the cabinets or purchase free-standing cabinets for your convenience. They also come pre-assembled so you don’t have to deal with putting it together on your own.

At Garage Design Works, we can arrange every storage item to fit your needs and your garage for functionality and efficiency. With over 50 years of combined experience, our Tampa garage organization experts focus on innovative design and maximizing storage and organization. Call us today at 727-378-0513 to learn more about our garage organization options and to schedule your free in-home consultation.