What Should I Do With My Unwanted Junk After Garage Organization?

Your garage probably accumulates more clutter than any other room in your home and is often a storage place for things that are often unused. Once your Tampa garage organization experts have helped organize the things you want to keep, what are you supposed to do with things that you would rather not keep? Garage organization isn’t just about getting new cabinets or wall track systems, but it’s also about sorting through things you don’t need anymore. Here are some ways to get rid of unwanted items so your garage doesn’t continue to become a storage area for abandoned belongings.

1. Post an ad online or in the newspaper for things that you could sell to others. Getting rid of some old furniture that’s collecting dust in your garage? People are always looking for affordable and cheap furniture. Just make sure to post a picture of it; you’ll increase the likelihood of getting inquiries.

2. Donate to those less fortunate. Your Tampa garage organization experts have helped organize things you want to keep, but for things that could be better used by someone else, donations are a great option for getting rid of your stuff. Whether you donate to a shelter, church or non-profit organization, there is always someone who could use old toys, clothes or sports equipment.

3. Have a garage sale. Not only can you make money off of the things that you aren’t using, but it’s a great way to get rid of stuff that you have left over from organizing your garage. Remember, your trash could be someone else’s treasure!

4. Find a way to re-use or re-purpose things that you have found in your garage. There are an endless number of ideas that you can find on the Internet to help transform those old clothes or bookshelves. You can make something out of nearly nothing with a little ingenuity!

Your Tampa garage organization experts help to simplify your garage while maximizing your garage’s storage potential in a streamlined and convenient way. Call us today at 727-378-0513 to learn more about our garage organization options and to schedule your free in-home consultation.