Why Choose Epoxy Floor Coating Over Any Other Flooring Option

If you’re considering a garage floor upgrade, you may have a solution in mind, whether it’s tile, rubber mats or epoxy, but there are a few factor to consider before you start your newest project. Your floor will likely see much traffic and abuse, and there is only one option that can stand up to harsh conditions. From garage organization experts, Orlando garage floor epoxy might just be your best bet, and here are a few reason why you should choose it over any other flooring option.

1. Ceramic tiles must be sealed and regularly maintained so they don’t change colors. Maintenance with Orlando garage floor epoxy is very minimal, and doesn’t require any strenuous work, just a little soap and water. It also does not yellow or change colors.

2. Tiles are susceptible to cracking and scratches, while epoxy is extremely durable even under constant use. Rubber mats can be easily scratched and are difficult to clean, and can become even more damaged in the process.

3. Epoxy flooring is UV protected and won’t fade in the sunlight. Rubber flooring is not UV protected and can fade in the sun.

4. If you apply epoxy flooring to you garage, oil and other spills won’t seep into the cracks, like tiles and rubber mats would. It’s easy clean up and doesn’t require harsh scrubbing.

5. You won’t have to worry about bacteria or mold growing in the cracks and grout of tiles when you use Orlando garage floor epoxy. Water does not penetrate the top coat, which prevents mold growth and bacteria.

6. Epoxy flooring can be applied to your porch, garage, lanai and more, without the worry of fading, cracking or a tough cleanup process.

7. Re-coating an epoxy floor is easy. Rather than tearing up tile or replacing rubber mats and vinyl flooring, re-coating can be easily done on any problem areas.

If you’re on the fence trying to decide which garage flooring option is most ideal, our garage organization experts at Garage Design Works can help you make the right choice. Call us at 407-447-8890 to learn more about our garage organization and floor coating services, and to schedule your free in-home consultation.