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3 Ways You Can Reclaim the Space in Your Garage

GAWA48SFRG[small].jpg Remember when you first moved into your house and thought, “I am going to keep the garage as spacious and clean as it is now.” And then you opened the first moving box. Garage Design Works can assist in regaining control over the storage issues in your garage so you can actually store all your items and, believe it or not, still have room for two cars in your two-car garage! Read below for three important Orlando garage storage methods to enhance your functional workspace.

  • Start from the ground up by reorganizing the floor. Move all items from your garage floor to the driveway or yard. While you’re at it, go through the items to determine what is worth keeping and what should be discarded. Many homeowners are reticent to toss out a broken appliance or tool, but cannot seem to find the time to fix these items. Your time is valuable; by placing a monetary value on your time, such as $20 an hour, you can quickly figure how long you may need to fix the broken item. If a new item is worth less than the time it would take for you to fix it, toss it out. The remaining items should be categorized into something you can easily remember: summer sporting goods, fishing tackle and rods, golf equipment, workbench tools and power tools, et cetera. Determine how much space should be allocated for each set of items and how you wish to store it, and then you can move to the next step.
  • Cabinets and countertop storage. Frequently used table saws should probably be allocated counter space, while a metal file used for special projects should be stored in a cabinet or tool chest. Understanding how you use the items in your garage will determine where they should be stored. How do you decide whether you want to store items in a cabinet with doors or on an open shelf? That is your preference. While some homeowners want the clean look of cabinets, others prefer the functionality of open shelves to house their items for immediate access.
  • Storage: it’s more than bins. Your items have been categorized; now it’s time to place them perfectly. If you have seasonal items or belongings that are seldom used, invest in overhead storage. By utilizing the space above your garage door as storage, you can remove a huge amount of goods from your garage floor. Walls are transformed into storage tools as well with specialized hooks, plastic bins, baskets, and brackets to help you keep everything in its place while still remaining within reach. Arrange your garage much like a grocery store: most important items should be at eye level, less used or heavier items near knee level, and lighter items within reach over your head. If you use your lawn tools constantly, keep them near the door so you can find them quickly and hang them up easily when you finish. Gear not used as frequently – once a week or once a month – should be stored farther back in the garage.

As with all projects, these suggestions will only work if they work for you. If you are used to your tool bench being to the right of your vehicle, tell the professionals at Garage Design Works to plan around that location. Our goal is your satisfaction; give us a call at 407-447-8890 to speak with one of our Orlando garage storage experts to transform your garage into a functional work of art.

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