Turning Your Garage into a Gardener’s Paradise

Hobbies… we all seem to have them in some form or another, right? Well especially here in Florida, outdoor hobbies are commonplace. And taking full advantage of your semi-outdoor spaces, such as the garage, is a great way to streamline your hobbies efficiently. With springtime quickly approaching, and although the climate doesn’t require it, this is the traditional time of year to begin planting a garden. Whether flowers or food, turning your garage space into a gardeners’ paradise might be exactly what you need. How can you accomplish this? Plan ahead and remember the following:

  • One reason why Florida is a great place for anyone with a green thumb is that our growing seasons are much longer than those of people in colder climates. Take into consideration what you want to plant and when. You just might be surprised how getting organized in your garage can help.
  • Your garage can be the perfect place to work on your gardening skills, with the addition of storage systems and cabinetry.
  • Customizable wall mounted storage systems are the perfect place for you to store your tools, including shears, gloves, and trowels.
  • Garage Design Works offers hooks in a number of different shapes and sizes, perfect for hanging hoses, shovels, rakes and weed eaters out of the way of foot traffic yet keeping them each within easy reach.

    With a unique, beautiful countertop system, you can easily create a space for germinating and sprouting your seeds.

    So start planning your perfect garden workshop with Garage Design Works. Feel free to be creative in the planning process. And of course, it helps to have some guidance when determining the best Orlando garage storage solutions for your space. Not sure where to begin? Let Garage Design Works help! Check us out online or call us at (407) 447-8890 and see for yourself what’s available.

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