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5 People Who Love Our Orlando Garage Floors

IMG_2386.jpg Are you one of these five people who love ArmorSeal Orlando garage floor coatings that Garage Design Works applied?

  • The Car Enthusiast: This guy loves to show off his car to his neighbors on his new showroom floor. Changing the oil in the garage is no problem. He can clean any oil spills by just wiping them off with a sponge. He doesn’t have any worries about hot –tire lift-off, either, because his ArmorSeal garage epoxy floor coating is abrasion-resistant.
  • The Entertainers: These people love to celebrate anything in the garage. Their beautiful ArmorSeal epoxy floor coating makes their garage feel like another room in their home. They have no more worries about inviting a large crowd, either, because of the size of the garage. A few of our customers have hosted celebrations all year long in their garages. So far this year, they’ve had a St. Paddy’s Day Party, Memorial Day gathering, 4th of July celebration, Labor Day picnic, and an Octoberfest get together in their garages.
  • The Real Estate Agent: This professional loves when he or she gets a listing that has one of our decorative ArmorSeal garage epoxy floor coatings. He or she knows this will make the house stand out from the competition; easy staging for an easy sale. Instead of taking the home buyers through the front door, the agent lets them in through the garage so they notice the pristine floor, and tells them that the garage is an extra living space, a great place to hold parties, work on projects, or a place for the kids to play.
  • The Crafter: The crafters love making their wreaths and painting pottery in the garage. If paint should spill on the floor, they can quickly wipe it up. Dropping a hammer or other tool can’t cause cracking because the floor is permanently sealed with a state-of-the-art urethane top coat. In fact, the crafter has had so many paint stains and cracks on their cement floor from crafting that they called us, Garage Design Works, to apply an ArmorSeal Garage Epoxy Floor Coating.
  • The Handyman: He loves to work on his home improvement projects at his workbench. He no longer feels like he’s working in a garage because his beautiful ArmorSeal garage epoxy floor coating has transformed it into another room in the house. His time spent in his garage is therapeutic; he plays his favorite music and gets lost in his projects.

If you want a durable garage floor that will afford you years of use and safety and add beauty and value to your home, call the Orlando garage floor professionals at Garage Design Works today a 407-447-8890 for your free in-home consultation.

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