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5 Signs That it’s Time for More Garage Storage

When you first moved into your new home, you likely felt relieved and excited to finally have a safe place to park your car overnight. Little did you know that one day, you’d run out of space to even squeeze a bike between all of the clutter you’ve accumulated. Maybe you’re not even able to open your door completely to get out…

How did this happen? Your garage probably didn’t have the right organizational system to fit your storage needs. 

Here are 5 common signs it’s time to upgrade your garage storage:

1. You store items in your garage that shouldn’t be there.

Homeowners know that when the house runs out of sufficient storage space, the garage becomes a dumping ground for unorganized clutter. Food and beverages, clothing, toys—anything that belongs in a pantry or closet finds home in the garage when it should be stored indoors. If you find your garage overridden with items that don’t belong there, it’s a sure sign you’re not using that space efficiently. 

2. Finding the items you need is a hassle.

Have you ever had to dig beneath heaps of seasonal decorations and sports equipment for a screwdriver? When we let our garages get too cluttered, it becomes harder and harder to find what we need. Having better garage storage helps you organize your belongings so that it won’t take you hours to find out where you put those gardening tools. 

3. You can’t see the floor.

The same is true for any space in your home: if you can no longer see the floor, it’s time for an organization upgrade. Garage floors are especially important to keep clear. Not only are stray ropes, tools, and cords a huge tripping hazard; they’re also vulnerable to damage depending on the temperature and humidity of your garage. Depending on the stray tool, clutter can also damage your vehicle. 

4. You have too much empty wall space.

Believe it or not, bare garage walls are a massive waste of storage space. You have extra storage in the kitchen and bathroom, so why not make the most of your garage, too? Installing cabinets, slatwall, and hooks in your garage will not only free up the floor of any unnecessary clutter, but it’ll also make the overall appearance of your garage much more pleasing to the eye. 

5. There are too many safety hazards.

From flammable objects to electrical nightmares, a poorly-organized garage can spell a nightmare for the safety of you and your family. Familiarize yourself with common safety hazards that accrue in the garage so that you know what kind of storage you need to keep everyone out of harm’s way. 

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