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Turn Your Garage Into an Auto Repair Shop

When it comes to car maintenance, you can save so much money by building an auto repair shop right in your garage! You don’t have to move an inch for oil changes and car maintenance when you can do it right at your home. Take a look at car repairs that you can do right in your own garage. This Orlando garage ideas from Garage Design Works is perfect for car aficionados or just anybody looking to save money!

What You’ll Need
In order to tune up vehicles right in your garage, you’ll just need to take a few steps to get the space prepared. 

  • Gladiator Hanging Wall System: Installing specialized hooks on your wall can accommodate clear storage bins, bicycles, tools, and more. The goal is to get everything off the ground to best maximize the space for car work.
  • Gladiator Premier Series Cabinets: Another method to clear floor space is to mount cabinets onto your wall. These durable cabinets can be as tall as lockers or low enough for the top surface to act as a table for your tools. Design the perfect work station with modular Geardrawer or tabletop Gearchest. 
  • Overhead Storage: Keep your tools organized and easily accessible with overhead storage. This storage solution is capable of handling up to 800 pounds so items can be stored out of the way while you work on your repairs. 

DIY Car Repairs
Now that you’ve solved your storage problems with just a few installments, your floor is clear, your workstation is set, and it’s time to work on your car! Here are some car repairs you can do right in your space.

  • Changing air filters: Changing air filters sounds like a challenge but can easily be done right in your home. A clogged air filter affects both your car’s power and mileage. A new air filter typically costs about $20, with labor costs amounting to more than $100 at the mechanics. 
  • Windshield wipers: Rather than paying for an hour of labor, just invest a few minutes of your own time to buy a set of wipers around $20 to $40. Just be sure to check your reference manual to be sure which wiper is the right fit.
  • Oil and oil filter: It’s recommended that you change your oil every 3,000 miles. Getting to the shop can be a hassle. With your newly-renovated garage, you can do an oil change yourself! Consider installing epoxy floors for easier cleanups.

Over time, taking on these minimal maintenance repairs will add up and save you a substantial amount of money. You can invest more in your car, as well as your garage where you work on it. At Garage Design Works, we offer Orlando garage ideas solutions for every space. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!