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The Benefits of Epoxy

How much attention do you give your garage floor? Probably not much — unless something goes wrong. When your floor deteriorates from vehicle usage, suffers from a chemical reaction, or begins to fade from the sun, it suddenly catches your eye. But with an epoxy coating, these are all problems of the past! Learn about the benefits of epoxy floors.

With an epoxy coating, you greatly increase the lifespan of your garage floor. This substantial material contains special hardeners and resins that make it far more durable than paint! It holds up under everything — from everyday traction to the wear-and-tear of warehouse trucks.

You name it, and there’s a good chance that your epoxy floors are resistant to it. Epoxy floors are highly resistant to chemicals such as oil, gasoline, bleach, transmission fluid, and other cleaners, not to mention they’re resistant to heat and water as well.

Low Maintenance
Epoxy floors are not porous and are therefore much easier to clean than regular concrete floors. All they need is a gentle scrubbing with a little soap and water!

Our epoxy floors are as beautiful as they are durable. Because they’re UV protected, they don’t fade in the sunlight, and they also don’t yellow or change colors. It’s available in a wide variety of high-shine colors to fit your style, meaning that the finished product upgrades your garage, increase its value, and improves your aesthetic.

No Mold
Water cannot penetrate the top coat, and this prevents any mold growth or bacteria.

Did you know that epoxy coatings are an environmentally-friendly choice? Once cured, it becomes incredibly strong and prevents a chemical breakdown, meaning that it doesn’t erode or dissolve into its environment by fumes in the air or trace amounts in water. It requires less frequent recoating (generally every 10-20 years) as well as less cleaning agents, which reduces the overall chemicals used.

If you don’t already have an Orlando floor coating in your garage, it might be time to consider it. Give us a call today at 407-447-8890 to schedule your free, in-home consultation and learn more about the benefits of epoxy coatings.