5 Things That Don’t Belong in Your Garage

It’s great to have a garage to protect your car from the elements. You probably also use it as a convenient place to store all sorts of items. Storing things in the garage sure beats paying for extra storage space each month. But, there’s a downside to this gift of space. There are things that should never find a permanent home in your garage because they add to the clutter, or sustain damage. Even a good Orlando garage storage system isn’t ideal for many of the items below.

  1. Frequently Used Items

Any items that you use on a daily, or weekly basis are better left inside the home. For one thing, it’s inconvenient to walk into the garage each time you need certain things. If there’s no extra cabinet space for your favorite crockpot, for instance, adding kitchen shelves is a better solution. Keep in mind that the more cluttered your garage gets, the harder it is to find what you need.

  1. Important Documents

Think twice before you place that box of important family documents in the garage. Crucial documents such as birth certificates, your marriage license, legal, financial, and medical paperwork can easily sustain moisture damage in that environment. Also, documents in garages are easier to steal. The best way to safeguard these documents is to place them in a durable file or fireproof box and stash them in the bedroom or home office.

  1. Food Items

Creating a pantry inside of your garage may seem like a good idea at first, but then you realize you created an open invitation for clever neighborhood pests. Don’t be surprised to see your prized pantry raided by cats, rodents, raccoons, and curious squirrels. Additionally, heat and humidity from the outdoors can cause food to rot.

  1. Fragile Clothing

You have a beautiful wedding dress that you want to preserve so you find room in the garage for it. Not a good idea. Any type of delicate clothing item can be ruined by humid, hot, or cold garage temperature conditions. Find alternative storage areas for fragile clothing.

  1. Cherished Photos

That collection of irreplaceable vintage family photos should never be stored in your garage. The chemicals used to create photographic images can wilt due to moisture or humidity. It would be a shame to throw out treasured memories because of stickiness or mold.

A contemporary Orlando garage storage system can easily store numerous items, but some items should remain inside the home. As your local garage organization experts, Garage Design Works can help you sort out what should and shouldn’t go into your garage. Call us today at 407-447-8890 for a free in-home consultation.

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