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5 Things Your Garage Organization Style Tells Your Visitors

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A person’s home says a lot about them, but the garage might say the most. Someone can hide a mess in closets, stuff boxes into the attic, or store extra decorations under beds. But no room in the house exposes someone’s personality more than the garage. Here’s what your garage says about you and your lifestyle. 

1. Cabinets clue someone into your organizational skills. 

Having garage cabinets rather than floor-to-ceiling cardboard boxes is a sign of an organized homeowner. Cabinetry implies that you value order, even in a place like your garage. And if you have matching cabinetry? You’re probably someone who loves coordinating space and takes pride in the details. 

2. Garage wall mounts show off your most-used items.

For many homeowners, wall storage options help keep valued items off the floor. However, wall hooks and bins can also indicate to someone what your priorities are. Do you keep your bike on an easily accessible hook? You probably use that bike quite a bit. If you have a mesh wall bin for sports equipment, your kids likely use those basketballs or footballs a lot and don’t want to spend time looking for them. Wall storage keeps the items you use most at the ready, but also on display for your guests to see. 

3. A finished garage floor tells a visitor that your space is for more than storage. 

A shiny epoxy garage floor is both eye-catching and telling of a homeowner. If you have one, you’re probably someone who loves investing in both their cars and their homes. You might use the garage space for entertaining rather than storage. Maybe you opted for an epoxy floor to be better for multi-purpose uses, like a home office or play area. A patterned epoxy floor also hints that you’re someone who doesn’t mind standing out a bit and likes to play with colors. 

4. Paint color speaks to your personality. 

Speaking of colors, opting out of dull beige or dark grey garage walls also says a lot about a person’s personality. Homeowners who like a bit of light will use a white paint tinted with a slight hue to help reflect light back into their garage space. Some homeowners even paint the garage ceiling, showing an attention to detail and a need to open up space. 

5. Technology and security speak to what you value. 

Looking to keep your valuables safe? You’re probably one of many homeowners who have smart-gate technology on their garage doors. If you like the assurance of knowing your home is safe when you’re not there, you might have a video-based garage security system. These systems alert you via text of movement near your garage. Homeowners wanting to create a “smart home” might opt for products like Chamberlain MyQ-Garage. These apps allow you to open your garage door from a smartphone. 

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