5 Ways to Protect Your Garage While on Vacation

As you pull out of the driveway, you hit the garage door remote and watch the door slowly descend. In your mind, the garage is secure. Besides, your neighborhood is safe, so you really have nothing to worry about. What you may not realize is your house has been watched for the past week in anticipation of your vacation, and the thieves know many tricks on accessing a closed garage door. Learn how to protect your garage while you are away by reading these tips brought to you by the Orlando garage storage team at Garage Design Works.

  • The Garage Door: Your automatic garage door is easily opened, even without a remote. To prevent potential theft, place a padlock on the overhead door latch, disable the automatic garage door opener, or simply place a bolt inside one of the many holes running along the door’s track to impede the roller from moving beyond that point.
  • Get Motion Lights: Motion lights have two functions: they startle anyone who trips them, and they alert your neighbors that someone or something is lurking near your home. Without the cloak of darkness, it is difficult for intruders to gain access to your garage. Interior lights on a timer give the illusion that someone is home turning lights on and off at a given time. Nowadays, lights can respond from an app on your cellular phone to turn on and off whenever you click a button.
  • Check the Windows: If your garage has windows, be sure to lock them before you leave. Installing metal bars inside the windows may help keep out intruders. Installing blinds is also a deterrent; if thieves cannot see inside the garage, they may believe there is not anything of value to steal.
  • Ask for Extra Eyes: If you are active in a Neighborhood Crime Watch program, let your team know you are leaving and for how long you expect to be gone. Also, tell a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your house while you are away. To make your house look lived in, enlist a neighbor to park in your driveway and pick up your paper and mail.
  • A Security Camera: A security camera is a great investment. While some cameras run continually, others are programmed only to come on when activated by movement. Newer cameras can automatically feed to an app on your phone, giving you the ability to check on your garage at any time you are away from home.

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