5 Ways to Avoid a Fire in Your Garage Workshop

According to a 2013 US Fire Administration Report, 6600 residential garage fires were reported during 2009-2011. As homeowners, we don’t realize that we tend to store both fire-starting and combustible materials in the garage–even after we’ve had a full Orlando garage organization treatment. Because of this, garage fires are usually detected less quickly and tend to spread more violently than fires in other parts of the home. Whether you have a garage workshop or not, your garage is a prime space for fires to start.

How do you prevent a fire from happening in your garage? Here are some simple tips to keep your family healthy and safe:

  1. Clean up small wood particles. If you are doing any kind of woodworking in your garage workshop, vacuum or sweep up any wood dust or chips on the floor. These smaller wood particles are much more flammable than large boards. If your workshop has a garage floor epoxy sealant, your clean-up will be much easier. These protective floor coverings are not only beautiful but are impact and abrasion resistant as well.

  2. Properly store flammable items. Gasoline, oil, and paint are very flammable. Store them in small, well-sealed containers that rest off the floor. A tightly-sealed garage cabinet is the perfect place for these items. Also, clearly label the contents of each container for added safety and organization.

  3. Avoid storing explosive or hazardous materials indoors. Propane gas cylinders should never be stored inside because they can cause deadly explosions. Always store them outside. Also, avoid smoking in your garage. Used matches and cigarette butts that are still partially lit are known for causing fires.

  4. Make sure your garage’s electrical components are sound. Check that light bulbs in your garage’s lighting fixtures and make sure they’re the correct wattage. Each fixture should tell you the maximum wattage allowed. It’s also important to get rid of household garbage that can interfere with electrical systems. Also, ensure that all wiring in your garage has been installed properly. Sparks from careless wiring can cause destructive fires.

  5. Perform monthly maintenance and keep a fire extinguisher handy. Wipe up any gas and oil leaks on your garage floors. Don’t forget to clean out the cobwebs and dust every month as well. In case of a fire, make sure you have a fire extinguisher near an exit door for easy access. You should also check to see if it’s working every month. It’s also imperative that you have a smoke alarm in your garage. If your garage currently does not have a working smoke alarm, install one close to your workspace, if possible, so that it can quickly detect the fire and alert home’s occupants and emergency services.

Don’t let your garage workshop become a fire statistic. Keep your garage clean and organized to reduce the risk of fire. Contact the Orlando garage organization experts at Garage Design Works for more information.

How do you protect your garage workshop from fires? Share your organization and safety tips with us and we’ll share them with our curious followers.

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