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6 Ways to Add Value to Your Home with Your Garage


Your garage might be the last place you think of when trying to add value to your home. However, it has some of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your home’s value without breaking the bank. 

Smart storage solutions

Storage plays a huge role in how others perceive your home’s value. Clutter distracts from a home’s appearance (and thus its appeal). It also signals to potential buyers that there’s not enough storage in the house and the garage is the “catch all” for the home. Vertical wall units keep your tools within arm’s reach while also giving structure to your organization. For larger bins or equipment, consider hanging units that keep bulky items out of sight. 

Great lighting

For many garages, light is at a premium. If you’re lucky enough to have a window or two in the space, don’t shroud it behind cabinets or blinds. If you don’t have light, add in some durable fixtures that will help light shine into the entire space. Dark corners can make even the most welcoming of garages feel spooky, dirty, or old. 

Showcase the car

Garage spaces are used for a number of different hobbies. Vlogging spaces, pet paradises, play areas, even home gyms — garages can house whatever a homeowner needs. However, when looking to resell a home, realtors recommend showcasing the garage’s main function: storing a car. Make sure that your niche garage project stays within an area of your garage and that you have plenty of space to park a car (if a single car garage) or two. 

Tech-driven door options

A heavy manual door in the digital era probably won’t attract a lot of homebuyers. Look for garage doors that, at the very least, open with a button. If you want to upgrade your garage doors, check out “smart home” solutions like Chamberlain MyQ-Garage or other app-based garage systems. 

An easy-to-clean flooring treatment 

A shiny epoxy garage floor adds more value than most homeowners realize! Epoxy not only looks great; the easy-to-clean nature of the floors will be a huge plus in terms of resale value. For long-lasting results, opt for professional epoxy flooring rather than DIY kits. You’ll get more variety in colors and designs, and your floors will last years longer than kits you have to reapply. 

Add Value To Your Home With Garage Design Works

Opportunities to boost the value of your home are worthwhile investments, even if you’re not looking to sell. At Garage Design Works, a leading Orlando garage company, we know the power a well-organized, finished garage has on both curb appeal and making a good impression with buyers. Schedule your virtual consultation with us today and discover how we can transform your space.