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7 Creative Garage Space Ideas for Your Next Renovation

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Your garage space should be more than a place where your car spends its time off the road. For many homeowners, it’s an extension of their living space or an important storage area. 

Over the years, we’ve transformed a lot of garages to meet the needs of our clients. Here are a few ideas on how you can get creative on how you can use your garage space to meet your needs. 

Home gym

The pandemic forced a lot of gym buffs to invest in home gym systems to maintain progress. You can turn your garage (or a portion of your garage) into a home gym by finding appropriate storage for your gym equipment. You should also invest in cushioned flooring that won’t cause damage to your knees and spare your concrete floors from chipping due to dropped weights. 

Office space

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The pandemic didn’t just affect gym buffs. A lot of people moved from a traditional office into a work-from-home situation. With pets, children and spouses, it can be hard to focus due to noise around the house. Offices in a garage can offer a quieter solution for your next Zoom call. 

Yoga studio

Who knew your garage could be a great space to unlock “zen”? With the right cabinetry (like the Everest White Cabinet Series), you can store yoga mats and blocks in between sessions. Adding insulation makes your yoga practice more comfortable and can help save energy. 


If you have kids, there never seems like enough room for them to play! Garages can provide enough space, but a lot of parents can be hesitant to send their kids out playing in the same room where power tools are stored. That’s why, with the right cabinets, you can safely store and lock away any dangerous tools. Epoxy floors make garages easier to clean if your kids make a mess, and they prevent your young ones from damaging the concrete and inhaling concrete dust.  

Hair salon

If you’re an aesthetician looking to make their own salon, your garage might be prime space to house your business. Insulating your garage space to keep temperatures comfortable for clients is a must. Epoxy flooring can make sweeping up hair a breeze. And as for all those hair products, hair dryers and curling irons? A combination of wall storage and organized cabinetry can help keep your salon neat and tidy.

Pet Paradise

Animal lovers can transform their garage into a safe and secure area for their pets to roam. The garage gives your pets more space to move freely without the risk of them peeing on your favorite furniture. Installing windows, independent air systems, and insulated garage doors can keep your pets safe and happy. 

Showroom-quality garage

All of these options might sound great, but at the end of the day, you might just want your garage to be just that — your dream garage. Shiny showroom floors, perfect storage for your car tools and detailing kits, and high-tech garage doors are all achievable by partnering with experts who can help. 

At Garage Design Works, we hear a variety of requests from our customers, and we work with them to make their vision a reality. Whether you’re looking for a sleek garage or a usable play space for your kids, Garage Design Works can create a space that meets your needs. Schedule a free virtual consultation with us today.