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7 Tips to Keep Your Garage Workshop in Working Order

The garage is an ideal place to set up a workshop. Most garages have space for a workbench and assorted tools. However, if you want to make your workshop more efficient, an organization plan is your best bet. Enjoy these helpful Garage Design Works tips for optimizing Orlando garage floors, walls, and ceilings.

  1. Create a Designated Work Area

It’s hard to do your best work when you’re competing with sports equipment, bikes, luggage, toys, and other items not related to your work projects. If you’re shoving things out of the way to reach your workbench, it’s time to create a clean, organized work area. Set storage parameters, and remove unnecessary items from your workspace.

  1. Install a Slat Wall Organizing System

When looking around your workshop, you see too much clutter, and there’s not enough maneuvering room. Wall slat systems were designed to solve this common problem. Consider installing a Gladiator hanging wall slat system that uses tracks and hooks to create new storage areas on garage walls. Tracks are sturdy enough to hold small, medium, and large tools and supplies freeing up floor space for creating, planning, and building.

  1. Update Flooring

Cleaning the garage floor after you finish for the day can be a hassle. Stains can be hard to remove on concrete. A protective epoxy such as high-quality ArmorSeal flooring finish makes floor cleaning a breeze.

  1. Organize Tools According to Use

Are you tired of searching for tools during a project? Organize your tools using slat wall hooks and sturdy rolling cabinets, keeping them within easy reach when needed.

  1. Light Your Work Area

If you rely strictly on natural lighting, consider boosting the lighting in your work area. When you’re working with power and hand tools, a mistake can cause physical injury. By adding two or more ceiling light fixtures near your workbench, lighting conditions improve considerably.

  1. Install Additional Electrical Outlets

Stringing numerous power extension cords along the floor is a tripping and fire hazard that should be avoided. Installing one or more additional electrical outlets on a wall near your work area can alleviate the need for extra extension cords. It’s best to let a trained electrician do the installation.

  1. Install a Ventilation System

Many garage workshops lack adequate ventilation. A fan isn’t powerful enough to remove most fine dust particles, debris, and fumes from the air you breathe. Likewise, for open windows. Safe ventilation is achieved by installing industrial-strength systems that remove air impurities as you work.

Garage Design Systems can give you more ideas for organizing Orlando garage floors and walls. Contact us today for a free garage workshop consultation.