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7 Worthwhile Improvements to Make Your Garage Rock

20120919_085213.jpg Do you dread working on your car in your dreary garage? Do you wish you could have a “man cave” that would entice you to spend more time in there? Here are worthwhile improvements you may want to consider from Orlando garage floor leaders, Garage Design Works:


  • Floor Coating: Have a superior Orlando epoxy garage floor coating, like ArmorSeal, professionally applied.  You won’t believe the transformation this will create. It will seem as if you have just added an extra room to your home. That ugly, pitted, cement garage floor will no longer be staring you in the face; no more cracks or stains to contend with by getting a new floor coating.
  • Drive-Through: Convert your garage to a drive-through. Have an opening made in the back of your garage and install another garage door. This will afford you privacy and fresh air when working on projects by allowing you to open the backdoor instead of the front.
  • Add a Portable Hydraulic Floor Lift with Three-Ton Capacity: Working on your car can sometimes be cumbersome if you can’t access the chassis underneath it. By removing the pump handle when finished, you can easily store the lift in your garage.
  • Increase Your Garage’s Interior Lighting: It’s important to have enough light when working at your workbench or on your car. Energy-saving fluorescent light tubes placed on the front wall of you garage as well as the ceiling can shed some light on things. For optimal vision, space nine lighting fixtures evenly throughout your garage on the ceiling.
  • Install a Workbench: This will enable you to have a dedicated space to work on hobby or home improvement projects.
  • Cabinets: Add a cabinet above and below your workbench and a wall storage unit right above your workbench. Hang your hammers, pliers, and other smaller tools on the wall system for easy access. Organize your other materials or tools in the cabinets. Make sure your floor cabinets are on casters so you can easily move them around.
  • Music: Let the music play. Have a quality sound system with radio capabilities installed so your time spent in your garage will be enjoyable whether you are working or playing. The music will drown out the excessive noise of power tools while you are rocking and rolling in your man-cave.


For help in realizing your ultimate man cave dreams, contact the Orlando garage floor coating professionals at Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890 for a free consultation on their floor coating, and rolling and stationery storage cabinets. Don’t continue working in an environment that doesn’t meet your needs.

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