A Garage Fit for an Artist

No matter what your preferred hobbies might be, the garage is often a great space to utilize when honing your talents. In fact, what better space is there for an artist to explore and to develop their craft than in the garage? A studio space can easily be planned within the confines of your garage. Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, or even a musician, the garage is a great and rent-free space for a studio.

The summer is the perfect time to transform your garage into an artist’s haven, and Garage Design Works can help. Many artists and creative types dabble in a number of different styles and techniques, and when it comes to trying a new technique or style, large messes are bound to be made. It’s all a vital component of the discovery process. The garage offers aspiring artists the opportunity to explore and create in the comfort of their own home without the fear of ruining the newly laid carpet.

With an in-home art studio, some organization is required:

  • Garage Cabinets: Keep all of your equipment sorted and organized in labeled garage cabinets. Store your paints, pencils, and exacto knives in an easy to mount garage cabinet. Are your kids budding artists? Be sure to include a cabinet drawer full of sidewalk chalk so they can practice some fun, non-permanent art.

  • Wall Systems: If you already have a prefered storage bin for art supplies, hang some wall bins or shelves to keep everything in reach. If you have an easel for painting, you can easily stash it away with a hook or a basket attached to a wall organization system.

  • Garage Floors: You’ll want to have an easy-to-clean flooring surface in case of paint spills or other mishaps. An ArmorSeal garage flooring system is the perfect solution for energetic and expressive painters or sculptors.  Garage Design Works specializes in garage floors in Orlando.

Along with your new studio, also consider installing a fan or in taking other steps to keep your garage cool during the hot summer months. That way your space will be safe and comfortable.

With the right garage organization tools, you can transform your garage into anything you want! Like a new canvas or untouched block of clay, your garage is a blank space that you can mold to suit your needs and desires.

Contact the experts as Garage Design Works for all your garage organization needs. If you’re an artist who has experience transforming your garage, or other space, into a studio, share this post and some tips for other aspiring artists. Let us know what the essential components are for any garage art studio.

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