April Showers: Preparing Your Garage for Rainy Season

We’ve all heard the old rhyme, “April showers bring May flowers,” but April showers also bring mud, dirt, and soggy debris. Here in Florida, springtime and summer bring ongoing hot weather and the increased likelihood of daily rain showers and storms. Although these components contribute to Florida’s beautiful, unique and tropical climate, it can also be messy for your home and garage floor. But don’t worry, Garage Design Works some Orlando garage organization solutions that can make your garage a bit tidier this April:

  • One of the first and longest-lasting steps you can take in weatherproofing your garage is to install a high-quality floor coating.  ArmorSeal is stain resistant and waterproof, letting you clean up muddy boot prints and tire treads. ArmorSeal is also UV resistant, so when the rain stops and the sun shines, your floors will keep their just-installed appearance without fading or discoloring.

  • Seal up any gaps in your garage door with weatherstripping and make sure the gasket below the door is in good condition to help keep out gusty rains and soaked debris.

  • Provide a secure place for muddy shoes and rainboots with a wall-mounted organization system.  Use a basket or shelf accessory to keep the dirt off of the floor.

  • Always be sure you have plenty of towels on hand in case you need to escape a downpour!  Store them away in a wall-mounted cabinet or on a shelf for easy access.

  • Install wall hooks to your garages interior to hang ponchos and umbrellas. Keep your rain thwarting devices in plain sight, but out of the way, so when the sky looks a little grey you can throw them into your backseat for a dry day.

With the proper organization and preparation, you can ensure that your family remains clean and dry during Florida’s rainy season. Unsure of where to start? The professionals at Garage Design Works are here to help you plan and implement your Orlando garage organization designs. We will provide you with our expert guidance to make your garage aesthetically pleasing, as well as fully functional. For more information contact us via telephone or online.

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