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Are You Ready to Sell?

When it’s time to put your house on the market, you might slather on a fresh coat of paint, update kitchen cabinets, renovate bathrooms, or replace worn floors. But don’t forget about your garage. It may make or break a sale, especially if buyers hope to use it as a workshop, craft room, or playroom. Take a look at these easy ways to renovate your garage.

Clean, Clean, Clean
Take time to empty the garage of all of its junk and clean it thoroughly – not just floors, but walls, doors, and any windows. If possible, power-wash with a bleach solution. Then decide what gets to return to the garage. The point is to make the space look neat and organized, not to move piles from one spot to another, so don’t be afraid to dispose of unnecessary clutter.

Epoxy the Floors
No matter how clean you keep your garage floor, concrete can still look dingy from years of oil spills and heavy machinery. An epoxy garage floor is a great addition to your home. Potential buyers will be pleased to learn about its durability, low maintenance, mold and bacteria prevention, and ease of re-coating.

Install an Organizational System
Overhead storage is a great way to reclaim floor space. Highlight its usefulness to interested buyers, explaining that it increases storage capacity and will allow them to work, entertain, and park in the garage. Another option to move items off the floor is to install a slatwall system. Hang hooks, baskets, and bins, and choose from a variety of systems and accessories. When it comes to cabinets, choose from the Gladiator Premier Series or the Everest White. Both possess superior strength, weight capacity, and durability, so simply select your preferred color and style.

Design Your Dream Garage
Whatever your Orlando garage organization dreams are, we can show you a wide array of configurations from floor to ceiling. We’ll assemble a package of items that will exactly meet your needs. Contact us today to get started on designing the garage you have always wanted!