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Back-to-School Garage Organization

IMAG0112 Your children are already signed up for football, soccer, and tennis. These sports require sport-specific equipment such as football pads and helmets, soccer balls and shoes, and tennis racquets and cans of balls. With many sports practicing at least once a week and playing on the weekends and after school, it seems you are never in your garage long enough to organize the supplies, and you are constantly driving to the field or to the courts at the last minute because you had to search for a missing headband or jersey.

If your garage was more organized, you would have a location specific for each sport, and it would only take a minute to pack everything away. The Orlando garage storage team at Garage Design Works has the solution for you in the form of bins, hooks, and shelves to meet your needs.
If your sporting equipment can fit snugly in a bag, a racquet bag for your tennis equipment for example,the bag can hang from a hook. Garage Design Works offers specialized hooks for their sliding panel system, the Gearwall panels by Gladiator Wall Systems. The racquet bag can easily hang from the hook, then move to a location toward the back of the garage once tennis season has concluded.
While the heavier equipment for football can also hang from the sturdy hooks in the same manner as the tennis bag, it may be easier to toss the equipment into a transparent plastic bin and store it on an open shelf or in a secure storage bin holder from a Gearwall panel. The smaller items, such as mouth guards, can be stored in a gear bag while the larger pads and cleats can be tossed in the bin. For ease of use, simply transport the entire bin to practice.
Try an open shelf or mesh basket Gearwall panel accessory for soccer cleats and shin guards. By designating one area for soccer, it is easy to locate the supplies and place them where they belong once the game is over. Ensure the shelf is low enough for your children to remove and store their gear themselves.
If your children enter the house through the garage, consider a series of hooks on a sliding panel system for their book bags or backpacks. This significantly reduces the clutter in the hallway as children drop backpacks and lunchboxes on the floor as they shed their school supplies on the way to the snacks in the kitchen.
By creating specialized locations for back-to-school gear, the garage is kept neater and supplies are contained in one area for ease of transport. And for you, it means less time looking for that one cleat and more opportunities to actually make it to practice on time. Call the Orlando garage storage experts at Garage Design Works today at 407-447-8890.

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