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The Benefits of Parking in the Garage

If your garage is full of clutter or used for other activities, there’s a good chance you aren’t able to park your vehicle inside. Perhaps it’s time to reconsider parking in your garage, and these Orlando garage organization tips reveal why it might be a good choice.

Protection from Weather Damage
As the sun continually beats down on your car, powerful UV rays can lead to deterioration. On days when temperatures reach 90 degrees or above, the extreme heat quickens exterior and interior sun damage. Hurricanes and tropical storms bring fierce rain and wind, and your car’s exterior can suffer from acid rain, flying dirt, or debris. Keeping your car in a garage is the best way to shelter it from natural disasters, and it protects you as well. Parking directly inside helps keep both the driver and passengers safe, dry, and comfortable.

Better Car Maintenance
Keeping your car’s engine in pristine shape helps it run smoothly during everyday trips and longer vacations. When you park inside the garage, the engine fluid and oil remain stable for a longer time, and you’ll enjoy faster engine and air conditioner start times.

Avoid Theft and Vandalism
Cars that are parked in garages or on the street are more likely to be chosen for a joy ride or the object of theft. Then there’s the issue of vandalism, which may show up as dents, scratches, broken windows, and punctured tires. Car theft and vandalism is costly and inconvenient, but it’s less likely to happen when your car is safely in the garage.

Insurance Savings
Parking your car in your garage may lower your car insurance costs, so it’s good to check with your car insurance company to see if it offers this benefit.

Need More Garage Space for Parking?
Garage Design Works can help you plan a custom Orlando garage organization solution that frees up vehicle floor space. Drop us a line today and set up a free space-saver consultation.

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