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The Benefits of a Two-Car Garage

2 Many couples look for a home with a two-car garage when they begin their house hunting simply because two vehicles demand a two-vehicle garage. However, even with one vehicle, a two-car garage will not be wasted space for your singular car. The following information by the Orlando garage storage experts at Garage Design Works will give you several ideas on how to utilize a two-car garage.

  • Gardener’s delight: Florida is renowned for its foliage, and many gardeners spend the majority of their hours outdoors creating magnificent gardens or simply piddling in the yard. For these tried-and-true exterior designers, a washroom or complete bathroom within the garage has the advantage of quick wash-ups or showers without tracking soil and grass clipping throughout the house. Lawn equipment such as riding mowers, weed wackers, blowers, and trimmers can be stored in a portion of the garage. The hand-held appliances such as blowers and weed wackers can be stored along the wall on specialized hooks for Gearwall wall panels and Gladiator hanging wall systems to keep many of your items off the floor and more easily accessed at waist level.
  • Water works: Jon boats, WaveRunners™, canoes, kayaks, wakeboards, skimboards, skis, and all the other water activity hardware take up plenty of room. Storing them outside causes weather damage from sun and rain as well as temperature extremes. Even better, any rubber or cloth attachments remain flexible and useable much longer than if they were stored outside. Your house also looks significantly neater when these items are stored inside the garage instead of under a tarp on the side of the house. Garage Design Works also has hooks and bins for its wall systems to store just about everything but the boat – even canoes and kayaks can be stored in an overhead structure above the garage door when not in use.
  • Workroom: Carpenters, mechanics, weekend project warriors, and other do-it-yourselfers will truly appreciate the extra garage space to work on their projects without moving the vehicle in and out of the garage to expand the workroom. Garage Design Works has beautiful Everest White cabinets or more utilitarian ready-to-assemble cabinets to fit any need. Storage benches and gearboxes for the wall and floor are available in a variety of sizes and can be intermingled to create the garage workspace of your dreams.
  • Home Gym: Many homes do not have adequate room for a workout bench or a complete home gym, and by leaving the workout equipment in the garage expands your home’s living areas. Bins in the built-in wall systems can hold straps, stretch bands, weights, workout gloves and belts, and any other equipment to keep your workout rolling. You can even mount a television or speaker system from the wall system.

The benefits of a two-car garage for a one-car family are abundant. Ensure the organization of all your hobbies with assistance from Orlando garage storage team at Garage Design Works. Our blogs and website have information and beautiful pictures of their outstanding work, and you can call our team at 407-447-8890.

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